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Monday, November 20, 2017

Amanuensis Monday~William A. Purvis to William James Purvis, Land Deed.

Amanuensis Monday is a genealogy blogging theme. It was started by John Newmark who writes the TransylvanianDutch blog.

His definition of Amanuensis is:
Amanuensis: A person employed to write what another dictates or to copy what has been written by another.

Today’s subject is a Chesterfield County Land Deed, William A. Purvis to William James Purvis.

William A. Purvis purchased 30 acres of land from Joseph P. Smith on 6 December 1866 (DB 8, page 284-286). On that same day William James Purvis purchased these 30 acres from his father, William A. Purvis (DB 8, Page 421-423). William J. Purvis then sold the land on 7 January 1888 to T. F. Mulholland (DB 9, Page 284-286). (Chesterfield County, SC).

Further Explanation:
The two land deeds in question are valid and are between Father and Son. After reading the two deeds it's obvious that the original land deeds were lost, misplaced or destroyed and the two were being recorded in 1885 and 1887 at which time William James Purvis would have been (1885-1863 =22) 22 years of age.

In Land Deed (DB 8: 421-423) the Court Clerk is citing the original date (6 Dec 1866) that William A. Purvis purchased these 30 acres land from Joseph P. Smith.  This deed DB 8:421-423 was recorded 19th December 1885.

Then William James Purvis sells the 30 acre land parcel on the 7th day of January 1888 to T. F. Meisenheimer for ninety ($90.00) dollars. (DB 9:284-285)

William A. Purvis}
William J. Purvis}   Deed
The State of South Carolina
                                   Know all men by these presents that I William A. Purvis of the County of Anson in the State of South Carolina in consideration of the sum of Two hundred dollars [$200.00] tome paid by William James Purvis of the said County of Anson in the State aforesaid          have granted bargained sold and released unto the said and by these presents do grant bargain sell and release unto the said William James Purvis all that piece parcel and tract of land situate lying and being in the District of Chesterfield and State of South Carolina on the North Side of Big Westfield Creek and bounded on the North by the North and South Carolina State line on the East by Isham Wallace and James Lewis lands on the West by lands belonging to the Estate of George Gardner and lands belonging to John Mulholland and on the South by Big Westfield Creek. Containing thirty [30] acres more or less which said track of land was purchased by me from Joseph P. Smith Reference being had to a plat hereunto attached will fully show the corners distance and &c. of said tract of land. Together with all and singular the rights members hereditaments and appurtenances to the said Premise belonging or in anywise incident or appertaining To Have and to Hold all and singular the Premises before mentioned unto the said William James Purvis his Heirs and Assigns forever. And I do hereby bind myself his Heirs Executors and Administrators to warrant and forever defend all and singular the said Premises unto the said William James Purvis his Heirs and assigns against myself and my heirs and all other persons lawfully claiming or to claim the same or any part thereof. Witness my hand and seal this Sixth day of December in year of our Lord one thousand and eight hundred and Sixty Six [1866] and in the Ninety first [91st] year of the Sovereignty and Independence of the United States of America.
Signed Sealed and Delivered}
in the presence of}                       William A. X Purvis seal (his mark)
W. E. Craig}
H. Craig Jr.|
State of South Carolina}
Chesterfield County}
I W. J. Hannah Clark Court do hereby certify unto all who it may concern that Mrs. Sarah J. Purvis the wife of the within named W. A. Purvis did this day appear before me and upon being privately and separately examined by me did declare that she does fully voluntarily and without any compulsion dread or fear of any person or persons whatsoever renounce release and forever rerouting relinquish unto the within named Wm. J. Purvis his Heirs and Assigns all her interests and estate and also all her rights and claim of dower of it or to all and singular the Premises within mentioned and released.
Given under my hand and seal this}
Sixteenth [16th]day of Dec. Anno Domini 1885}
(official seal) W. J. Hannah}                                S. J. Purvis {seal}
(seal) Clerk Court}
State of South Carolina}
Chesterfield County}
Before the subscribing officer personally appeared T. P. Craig and Thomas Chapman both of the County and State aforesaid who on oath says that they are well acquainted with the handwriting of W. E. Craig and Hugh Craig Jr. the subscribing witnesses to the annexed deed and that both of said witnesses are dead and they believe that the said W. E. Craig and Hugh Craig Jr. signed the same as the signatures to said deed are as respondents believe in the hand writing of said Hugh Craig Jr. and W.E. Craig
Sworn to before me}
16 December 1885}                              T. P. Craig
W. J.  Hanna}                                          Thos. Chapman
Clerk Court}
South Carolina}
Chesterfield County}
Personally appeared Wm. A. Purvis who on oath says that he signed the annexed deed at the date thereof and that Wm. E. Craig and Hugh Craig Jr. witnessed the same and that both of said witnesses are dead.
Sworn to before me}
16 Dec 1885}
W. J. Hanna                                     W. X A. Purvis (his mark)
                               Recorded 19th Dec 1885
Land Deed, dated 6 Dec 1866– William A. Purvis to William James Purvis, Chesterfield County Court House, Register of Deeds, Deed Book 8, Pages 421-423. Certified Copy of Deed on file

William A. Purvis and William James Purvis are my 2nd Great Grandfather and Great Grandfather.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Chesterfield County SC~Estate Folder #244 – Alexander McMillan

Each week, on Sunday, I will select an Estate Folders from the Estate files of Chesterfield County and discuss its contents. No known estates exist for the period before the Civil War. They were destroyed with the burning of the Courthouse. There are a few “Equity Records” in the State Archives. Do not overlook this valuable resource if you are looking for ancestors in Chesterfield County, South Carolina.

Today we will be looking at the following Estate folder:
Alexander McMillan 1

Alexander McMillan died in early 1869 leaving his wife and six children surviving. His oldest son, Thomas E. McMillan was the administrator on his estate indicating he died intestate.

On 15 July 1869, Thomas E. McMillian signed an affidavit indicating that he would make a true and just inventory of the estate of his father, Alexander McMillan.

Alex McMillan Estate

State of South Carolina}    By B. F. Miller
Chesterfield County}             Judge of Probate
             Personally appeared Thos. E. McMillan before me, who being duly sworn on the Holy Evangelist of Almighty God, made oath that he would produce to show to the appraisers appointed by the Judge of Probate and inform them of all and singular the goods and chattels of Alex McMillan dec’d which already have in May hereafter before the day of making the appraisement came to his hands, possession and knowledge and that the said deceased died without any Will so far as he knows an believe, and that he would well and truly administer all and singular the goods, chattel, rights + credit as far as the same will  extend and the law require him and that he make a just and true + perfect inventory of all and singular the said goods, chattels, rights + credits and return a just account, when thereunto required.
Sworn to before me this 15th day
of July 1869.                                                                            T. E. McMillan
B. F. Miller Judge of Probate

Image 448 of the estate names all the heirs–at-law of the estate; those named were the Widow, Mary F. “Malsey” Miller McMillan and six children:
  • Thomas E. McMillan
  • Louisa J. McMillan Pate
  • Harriett Ann McMillan Rorie
  • Frances Ellen McMillan Blakeney
  • Mary C. McMillan Welch
  • Henrietta C. McMillan Miller
Distributees-Alex McMilan Estate

The 1870 Mortality Schedule for Chesterfield County shows that Alexander McMillan died in March at the age of 69. The above inventory was taken in July 1869 so we know that Alexander died in March 1869. A FindAGrave Memorial shows his death as 19 March 1869 but I have found no proof of a specific date just the month and year (Mar 1869). 

His wife, Mary F. “Malsey” passed away in January 1886.
1st That Mrs. Molsey McMillian late of the County and state aforesaid departed this life intestate on or about the __ day of January 1886.

Probate of the estate was closed on 3 February 1892.

[1] "South Carolina Probate Records, Files and Loose Papers, 1732-1964," images, FamilySearch ( : 21 May 2014), Chesterfield > Probate Court, Estate records > 1865-1927 > Cases 0228-0281 > image 429 of 1419; county courthouses, South Carolina, and South Carolina Department of Archives and History, Columbia.