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Thursday, August 25, 2016

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Monday, August 22, 2016

Amanuensis Monday~Land Deed John Honeycut and Others to Isaiah Watson

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Amanuensis Monday is a genealogy blogging theme. It was started by John Newmark who writes the TransylvanianDutch blog.
His definition of Amanuensis is:
Amanuensis: A person employed to write what another dictates or to copy what has been written by another.
Today’s subject is a Land Deed John Honeycut and Others to Isaiah Watson. 1



114 John Honeycutt & Others, Isaiah Watson
This Indenture made this 28th of February in the years of our Lord 1818 Between John Honeycutt, Sarah Honeycutt, Silas Honeycutt and Joel Honeycutt all of the county of Anson and State of NoCarolina of the one part & Isaiah Watson of the other part Witnesseth that the said Honeycut as above mentioned for and in consideration of the sum of Four hundred dollars to them inn hand paid by said Isaiah Watson at and before the sealing of these presents hath bargained sold and delivered unto the said Isaiah Watson his heirs and assigns a certain tract or parcel of land lying and being in the County of Anson and sate aforesaid on Ray’s Fork Beginning at a pine by three oaks supposed to be Moses Pearce’s corner on the East Side of said branch and runs with said Pearce’s line West 142 poles crossing sd Branch to a stake by a pine and two black jacks south to John Gain French old survey then West with Fresels old line and Rewind with it to where it crosses the said Trulls line then with Trulls line to his corner Stake by two red oaks and post oaks then E. 142 poles to a stake North 284 poles to the beginning containing three hundred acres of land to him the said Isaiah Watson his heirs & assigns to have & to hold the said land & premises together with every other property occupying thereon without any manner if interpretation or demand from said Honeycutts as above mentioned their heirs or assigns or any other person or persons, but do warrant & forever defend the peaceable possession of said land as above mentioned.
Signed, sealed & delivers}               John X his mark Honeycut {Seal}
In the presence of us}                       Sarah X her mark Honeycut {Seal}
John Watson}                                    Silas X his mark Honeycut {Seal}
Richard X his mark Ellott}               Joel X his mark Honeycut {Seal}
Anson April Session 1818
Then the within Deed was duly proven in open Court by the Oath of John Watson and ordered to be registered.
                                                             Tod Robinson Clk

On 2 June 1810, Bolen Honeycutt left all his land to be equally divided between his wife Sarah and his three sons – John, Joel and Silas Honeycutt.

“Conserning my Land I leav to be Equal Devided between my three Sons Silus Honeycut John honeycut and Joel Honeycut Silus honeycut to have his part of the Land at the faar end John honeycut his part at the upper end and and  Joel his part threw the middle them ares to be lawfully present with with the sd Land at the Deseas of Sarah honeycut my wife and as for the house hold furniture Cattel hogs and horses and all stocks I the sd Bolen honeycut Do leave to  my wife Sarah to Bestoe as she seese Cause and I the sd Blen Honeycut do acnolidg this to be my Last will and testament as…”

Shortly after writing his will on 2 June 1810, Bolen Honeycutt passed away. No specific date is known to exist for the exact date that Bolen Huneycutt’s died. If you have a specific date with a source, I would like to hear from you.

In February 1818, Sarah Honeycutt along with her three sons sold the 300 acres of land, that Bolen owned in Anson County, to Isaiah Watson for four hundred dollars. Then they all moved to Stanly County with Joel eventually migrating to Shelby County, Alabama.  Silas is also believed to have moved to Alabama as evident by the presence of Rachel Honeycutt in the home of Daniel Brigman, 1850, Talladega, Alabama. 

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