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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Treasure Chest Thursday~Brock-Gillespie Marriage Announcement

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Marriage Announcement

Brock-Gillespie marriage
Of interest to many in Columbia is the announcement of the approaching marriage of Miss Louise Gillespie to Major W. T. Brock, assistant adjutant and inspector general, on Tuesday, October 22, [1907].
     Miss Gillespie, who taught in the city schools of Columbia last year, has a number of friends here as well as at her home in Rock Hill. Major Brock, formerly of Cheraw, is no stranger to Columbians, and is well known in all parts of the State.
     Adjt. Gen. Boyd will be among the guests from Columbia who will attend the wedding Tuesday.

Present For Col. Brock.
Officers of the First Regiment
Remember Their Former Major.
Special to The State.
Yorkville, Oct. 22.-Mr. Thos. W. Speck, the jeweler, has in his store a handsome and expensive case of silverware engraved with the letter “B”. This case is a wedding present for Col. W. T. Brock, assistant adjutant general of the State, who is to wed Miss Louise Gillespie of Rock Hill, on the 23rd instant.
This present is from the York county officers of the First regiment of infantry, National Guard of South Carolina. Col. Brock was formerly a major of this regiment and is held in high esteem by its officers and men.

Maj. William Thomas Brock (3 Sept. 1877 - 5 Mar 1934) is a son of Peter Haley Brock and his wife Mary Ellen Liles.  

Maj. William Thomas Brock is my 2nd cousin twice removed.

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