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It’s Family Time~The Jeremiah Gulledge Land Division

The first-borne son of the Reverend Joel Gulledge and his wife Zilpha Huntley was Jeremiah Gulledge born about 1796. No exact birth date his been found for Jeremiah and his reported birth year is based on the given age in the 1850 Census for Anson County, North Carolina. In that Census, Jeremiah was reported to be age 54.

Jeremiah married Phoebe Sellers, daughter of Hardy Sellers and Nancy Cook about 1816. Jeremiah was age 20, Phoebe based on her estimated birth year was 29. However, there are no records to base Phoebe age on because she died so young; Phoebe may have been younger.  The best record for calculating a potential birth year is the fact that she is reported deceased before 14 July 1834 and she had 3 children, the oldest James Ratliff Gulledge born about 1 May 1817. This support a 1816 marriage and its possible she was the same age as Jeremiah Gulledge making her borne about 1796.    

Last Will and Testament _Hardy Sellers, Sr.
6.  To the three children of my deceased daughter Phoebe Gulledge viz: Elisha Gulledge, James Gulledge, Phoebe Gulledge, I give to each three hundred dollars to bare interest from my death until they arrive to twenty-one years of each which sum is to be a full share of my estate both real and personal to the three last children named.

Phoebe Sellers (17xx-bef 1834) died sometime after the birth of her daughter Phoebe Gulledge mentioned in Item 6 of the Last Will and Testament of Hardy Sellers, Sr. We know that Phoebe Gulledge was borne before July 1834. In the 1850 Census her reported age is 25, making her birth year to be 1825. Therefore, we know that Phoebe Sellers Gulledge, daughter of Hardy Sellers died between 1825 (birth of Phoebe) and 14 July 1834 (writing of Last Will of Hardy Sellers, Sr.).

We also know from Item 6 that Hardy Sellers named his grandchildren borne of this union between his daughter Phoebe Sellers and Jeremiah Gulledge. The children named are:

  1. Elisha Gulledge,
  2. James Gulledge,
  3. Phoebe Gulledge,

On 14 April 1853, Jeremiah Gulledge died in Anson County, North Carolina. His estate was probated; he was considered a wealthy landowner in the County and he left surviving heirs and legatees. 

The Jeremiah Gulledge Land Division took place on 9 December 1853 and was divided among 8 legatees. Since there were only 3 children borne of the union between Jeremiah and Phoebe Gulledge; who are the other 5 legatees? A quick look on-line and you will find almost every tree showing Phoebe birthing children after her death.

But, this is a real dilemma, who are these 5 children? Did Jeremiah remarried after the death of Phoebe Sellers Gulledge. The birth year of the children suggest that Jeremiah remarried about 1829 and had 5 children by a 2nd wife between the years 1830 and 1838; the reported birth year of Sarah Ann Gulledge. The 1830 Census has a female between the age of 20-29; this is obviously not Phoebe making her death before 1830 but could be a 2nd wife. By 1840, this female is no longer in the household and quite possibly died with the birth of Sarah Ann Gulledge about 1838. 

Division of the Lands of Jeremiah Gulledge

State of North Carolina
Anson County} Personal to an order of Court devised to the Sheriff of said County and appointing us the undersigned committee to divide the lands of Jeremiah Gulledge & to report to next Court & In pursuance of said order we the undersigned do report as follows giving to each heir or Legatee. 
Lot No. 1 allotted to Sarah Ann Gulledge, Beginning at a Stake 1 white Oak hickory & red oak pointer Thomas Gulledge Corner & runs S 51 W 34 chs to a stake in the field then So. 47 E 29 chains & 3 chs to a stake In Thomas Gulledge line 3 red oaks pointers the with Sd, Line 90 Est 18 chains to his corner stake 1 pine and red oak pointer. Then with his other line 8 degree 2 Wst 24 chs to his other corner Stake, Then 14 degree 79 Wst 4 chains to the beginning containing 71 1/2 acres valued at two hundred and fifty dollars.
Lot No. 2 allotted to James Gulledge, Beginning at a Stake Thos Gulledge corner, the first corner of No. 1 and runs So 57 1/2 W 37 chs & 50 links to a stake in the field, then No. 49 W
 11 chs. & 60 links to a maple in the Branch. Then up the various courses of the Spring Branch. & with with <sic> Phil [illegible] line 14 chains to his corner red oaks pine pointer thence with Gulledge line No 57 1/2 Est 24 chs to Gulledge corner & Chestnut oak, Then with his line So 59 Est 10 chs to a stake 2 White oaks & red oaks pointer, Then So. Est 10 chs & 70 links to the Beginning containing 71 1/2 acres valued at 215 [dollars].  
Lot No. 3 allotted to Jeremiah Gulledge, Beginning at a Stake, the 2nd corner of No. 2 and runs No 77 Wst 88 chs to a stake by 2 pines. Then No 28 Est 14 chains and 30 links to a stake, 2 pine pts. Then So 71 Est 29 chs and 50 lks tom a corner in the Creek, 2 maple ptrs. Then down & with Sd Creek 15 chs to a maple in said creek, then with the line of No. 2 So 49 Est 11 chains &n 50 links to the Beginning containing 71 1/2 acres valued at two hundred and fifty Dollars.
Lot No. 4 allotted Wm. C. Porter, & wife Harriet Porter, "Beginning at a Stake in the field the 1st corner of No. 3 and runs No 77 Wt 66 chs to a stake by 2 pines Then So 28 Wst 10
chains to a stake by the pine pts in Tillmans line then with said line So 46 Est 6 chs & 50 lks then so 48 Wt 2 chs & 50 lks then so 27 Est 17 chs & 70 links to a stake, 1 Post oak, Black jack & 2 black oak pts. Then No 84 Et 54 chains & 60 links, to a stake, in the line of No, 1 then with sd line So 47 Wst 9 chs & 50 links to the beginning containing 71 1/2 acres valued at 250 dollars.
Lot No. 5 allotted William Griggs & wife Pheby Griggs, Beginning at a Stake, in the line of No. 1the last corner of No. 4, and runs with the line of No. 1 So 47 Est 11 chs to a stake , 2 pines and  persimmon Tree pts Then So 84 Wst 61 chs to a stake in the back line 1 pine two red oaks & Spanish oak pointers. Then No 21 Wt 14 chs to the corner of No. 4 1 post oak Black Jack & black Oak pts then with the line of No. 4 No. 84 Est 54 chs & 50 links to the Beginning containing 71 1/2 acres, valued at 250 Dollars.
Lot No. 6 allotted to Zilphia Gulledge, Beginning at a Stake, in the line of  No. 1 the 2nd Corner of No. 5 and runs with Sd. line So 84 Wt. 61 chs to a stake in the back line 1 pine 2 red oaks & Spanish oak pts. Thence So 27 Est 11 chs & 25 links to the old corner & 2 red oaks & black gum pointer, Then So 18 Wt 3 chs & 80 lks to a stake, 2 red oak pine & post oak pts. Then No, 84 est 43 chs to a Stake in the Spring Branch, 3 maples & post oak pointers Then up the various courses of Sd. Branch to a Stake, Then So. 48 Est 3 chs & 40 lks to a stake, Them Gulledges corner, 2 red oak pine & post oak pointer Then So 43 Est 13 chs and 75 lks to a stake, the corner of No. 1, 3 red oak pts. then with said line No. 47 Wst. 2 chs & 80 links to the Beginning  containing 71 1/2 acres valued at Three hundred & Sixty Dollars, which said lot pay to No. 1 Thirty five dollars 62 1/2 cents, also to No. 1 the sum of Thirty Eight dollars 75 cents as difference in valuation.
Lot No. 7 allotted to Elisha Gulledge, Beginning at a Stake with Spring Branch, 3 maples & post oak pts. the corner of No. 6 and runs down the various sources of said branch and the creek 18 chs & 50 links to a stake in Said branch, 1 maple & dogwood pointer. Then So. 27 Wst 45 chs to a stake in the back line then with said line No. 18 Est 19 chs to the corner of No. 6, 2 red oak pine & post oak pointers. Then No. 84 Est 48 Chs to the Beginning containing 71 1/2 acres , Valued at 360 dollars which Said Lot pays to No. 2, 31 dollars & 87 1/2 cents. Also to No. 3,  35 dollars & 62 1/2 cents and also to No.4, 6 dollars & 87 1/2, as difference in Valuation.
Lot No. 8 allotted to Thomas Gulledge, Beginning at a Stake in the run of the Creek, Dogwood & maple pts. & runs down and with Said Creek 11 chs and 50 links to Ratliffs line, 1 white oak pointer, Then with Sd Line So 70 Wt 9 chs and 90 links to a dead red oak, 1 white oak, dogwood and post oak pointers. Then So. 5 Wt. 1 chain &b 10 links, to Nivans corner Stake, 1 pine & hickory pointer. Then with his line So. 72 Wt. 21 chains & 80 links to his other corner Stake, 1 post oak pine and red oak pointers. Then No 71 Wt 24 chs & 25 links to the old corner stake then No. 85 Est 10 chs to a stake the corner of Lot No. V. then with Said Line No 85 Est 45 chains to the Beginning, containing 71 1/2 acres, valued at 330 Dollars, which Sd Lot Pays to No. 4 the sum of twenty Eight Dollars & 75 cents and also pays to No. 5, the sum of thirty five Dollars 61 1/2 cents as difference in valuation, all of which we re3port to the Worshipful Court afsd. Given under our hands & Seals this the 9th day of  December 1853.

State of North Carolina} Court of Pleas & Quarters} Malcom  Nivans {Seal}
Anson County}        Sessions January Term 1854} John P. Ratliff {Seal}
Then this division was confirmed in open Court and  } David Tillman {Seal}
ordered to be  and registered. S. D. Boggan Clk.}     A. O. Moore {Seal}

Wadesboro, NC Anson County Deed Book 14; Pages 273-275

Phoebe Sellers Gulledge is my 4th Great Grand Aunt. 

Supplementary Information. 

The death certificate for Harriet Elizabeth Gulledge Porter, daughter of Jeremiah and his second wife shows her Mother to be Boskie Sellers.

I have found no additional information for Boskie Sellers. She is not mention in a 2001  published book entitled "Some Descendants of Hardy Sellers of Chesterfield County, South Carolina. 


[1] The Land Deed on this page can be accessed free at

[2] James C. Pigg, Cheraw/Chesterfield District Wills, 1750-1865 &: Abstracts from the Court of Common Pleas 1823-1869 (Tega Cay, South Carolina: self-Published, 1995), pages 107 & 108.

[3] Some Descendants of Hardy Sellers of Chesterfield County, SC; 428 pages, by James C. Pigg, Copyright 2001; Book can be found at

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Happy Thanksgiving 2020

To all my readers and subscribers I wish you the very best this Thanksgiving day and do hope you are blessed on this day and throughout the years.

Wishing each and everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving.


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Its Family Time~The Two Marriages of Richard Caswell Sellers

From the first paragraph of the obituary of Richard Caswell Sellers.

“R. C. Sellars was born in South Carolina June 13, 1821 departed this life Aug. 29, 1909. Age 88 years 2 months and 15 days. He came to Carroll County, when he was only 6 years of age [1827] where he lived until he was 26 [1847] years old, when he moved to Gibson county where he resided until his death. He professed faith in Christ in the year of 1857 and joined the Missionary Baptist church of which he lived a consistent member until death. He was a dutiful Christian, always being regular at his church as long as health would permit.” 1

Richard Caswell Sellers was the son of John Sellers and Henrietta Norwood. He was their eleventh child of fourteen. The family moved from Chesterfield County, South Carolina to Carroll County, Tennessee. They settled in Carroll County, Tennessee when Richard Caswell was 6 years old in 1827. Eight years later his grandfather, Hardy Sellers, would pass away at age 77 on 12 January 1835 in Chesterfield County, South Carolina.

At age 24, Richard Caswell Sellers married a young lady by the name of Mariah Hampton on 18 May 1846 in Gibson County, Tennessee.

After the birth of 8 children, Mariah Hampton Sellers passed away in September 1866. The children of Richard C. & Mariah H. Sellers are:

  1. Francis Marion, b. Jun 1850.
  2. Joseph William, b. 3 Jan 1853.
  3. Sarah E., b. Jan 1854.
  4. John W., b. Jan 1854.
  5. Robert Hatton, b. 15 Jan 1858.
  6. James A., b. 1860.
  7. Mary E.,  b. 1862.
  8. Thomas W., b. 1865.

After the unexpected death of his wife Mariah, Richard Caswell married Anna Eliza Crawford on  29 Jan 1867 in Carroll County, Tennessee.

To this union were born three additional children. The children of Richard Caswell and Anna Eliza Crawford Sellers are: 

  1. Caswell C., b. 1876 in Gibson County, Tn.
  2. Mattie Victoria, b. 1 Nov 1878 in Gibson County, Tn. 
  3. Malissa Artenie, b. 17 Aug 1880 in Gibson County, Tn.

Richard Caswell Sellers died 29 Aug 1909 in Carroll County, Tennessee and is buried in the Shiloh Cemetery, Bradford, Gibson County, Tennessee.  His second wife, Anna Eliza Crawford Sellers died 4 March 1924 is is buried with her husband in the Shiloh Cemetery.

Richard Caswell Sellers is my 1st Cousin 5X Removed.


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The Marriage of Iverson L. Briley, Grandson of Hardy Sellers

 Iverson L. Brily/Briley first appeared in Item 7 of the Last Will and Testament of Hardy Sellers. Iverson was the grandson of Hardy Sellers being the son of Hardy’s daughter Jane Sellers and Iverson H or T. Briley.

Hardy Sellers, b.  2 March 1757 died on 12 January 1835. We know from an equity record and the Last Will and Testament of Hardy Sellers that his daughter Jane Sellers Briley was deceased.

Iverson L. Briley was born about 1825 in Chesterfield County, South Carolina. It is believed that Iverson, Sr. and Jane migrated to Mississippi. On 9 June 1851, Iverson L. Briley, age 26, married Sarah L. Higdon in Franklin County, Mississippi. 1

Ivenson L. Briley died sometime before 1870. To this union was borne three children, all daughters.

The three daughters are:  

  • Mary E Briley aged 15 years
  • Emily L Briley aged 13 years
  • Clarissa Briley aged 11 years

After the death of Iverson L Briley, bef. 1870, Sarah L. Higdon Briley married George Washington Tier, age 22, on 6 April 1870, in Caldwell Parish, Louisiana. These records are tightly controlled by the state of Louisiana and I am unable to access them from home. Therefore, all I have to offer is an extract of data found on

S. L. Briley in the Louisiana, Compiled Marriage Records, 1851-1900
Name: George W. Tier
Spouse: S. L. Briley
Marriage Date: 6 Apr 1870
County: Cald[well]
State: LA
Source Information
Dodd, Jordan, Liahona Research, comp. Louisiana, Compiled Marriage Records, 1851-1900 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2000.

Sarah L. Higdon Briley Tier died in August 1871 leaving 3 minor children.

Sarah Faulkner Briley Tier has died and left 3 minor children from her marriage with Iverson Briley.2

Sadly, seven months after the death of Sarah L. Tier, her 2nd husband, George Washington Tier, also passed away on 22 March 1872.

Iverson L Briley is my 1st Cousin 6X Removed; his Mother Jane Sellers Briley is my 4th GreatGrand Aunt.



[2] 1850, Western District, Concordia Parish, Louisiana, population schedule, Western District, Concordia, Louisiana, Page 161B (Stamped) Line 1, Dwelling 180, Family 181, Household of I. BRILEY; digital images, ( : viewed 3 March 2020); citing National Archives and Records Administration, Roll: M432_230.
[3]1860, Ward 9, Concordia Parish, Louisiana, population schedule, Ward 6, Concordia, Louisiana, Page: 796; Line 25, Dwelling 37, Family 43, Household of J. L. BRILEY; digital images, ( : viewed 2 May 2017); citing National Archives M653-410.
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The Second Marriage of Mary Ann Davis

Mary Ann Davis was borne about 1762 in Marion County, South Carolina. She was a daughter of Benjamin Davis, Sr. and Rachel Port.

At the age of 22 she married Robert Commander Dunnam, Sr. in 1784. To this union were borne nine children. Sometime after their marriage, Robert and Mary migrated to Wilcox County, Alabama Territory. Later, they moved to Baldwin County, Alabama Territory. It was here that Robert Commander Dunnam, Sr. died before 9 February 1813; the date his will was proven in open court.    

Robert Commander Dunnam, Sr. left a will in which he lists all his children and names his "Trusty Friend", Samuel Ervin, as one of his Executors, along with his wife Ann; son, Robert Commander Dunnam, Jr. and William Godfrey...

On 18 November 1817, Mary Ann Davis Dunnam united in marriage, a second time, to a  man named Thomas Watson.


Baldwin County
Mifs Alabama Territory To any ordained Minister of the Gospel Judge of the Territory or Justice of the peace – you are hereby commanded to join in the Holy State of matrimony Thomas Watson with Mrs. Anne Dunnam and in so doing this shall be your Sufficient Authorization given under my hand this 18th November 1817.
                                                                    James Johnston

Mary Ann Davis Dunnam Watson passed away sometime after 1830. Her 2nd husband Thomas Watson, died on 9 June 1834 in Monroe County, Alabama.  Thomas Watson is buried in the Watson-Green Cemetery, Drewry, Monroe County, Alabama. No tombstone has been found for Mary Ann Davis Dunnam Watson.

NOTE: Mary Ann Davis Whiddom ( Find A Grave Memorial#27202037) is not the daughter of Benjamin and Rachel Port Davis and I have no knowledge of a family connection between Mary Ann Davis Whiddom and the Davis families of Marion and Chesterfield Counties, South Carolina.

Mary Ann Davis is my 1st Cousin 6X removed.


[1] Short hyperlink to Marriage Licensee>>>

[2] Find A Grave, Inc., Find A Grave, database and digital images, ( : accessed 6 May 2020); Memorial page for Thomas Watson; (18 October 1764–9 June 1834); Find a Grave memorial # 36145619, Citing Watson-Green Cemetery; Drewry, Monroe County, Alabama, USA.

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Veterans Day 2020

In Memory of Maj. Charles “Jerry” Huneycutt

Maj. Charles Jerome “Jerry” Huneycutt


BIRTH 20 JUN 1943 

Morehead City, Carteret, North Carolina

DEATH 11 NOV 1967

Quang Tri, North Vietnam

FindAGrave Memorial with Photos

Major Jerry Huneycutt was the only son of the Rev Charles Jerome Huneycutt, Sr. and his wife Alice Alberta Piner.  1st. Lt. Huneycutt was assigned to the 366th Tactical Fighter Wing, Da Nang Airbase. He was the navigator of an RF-4C out of Da Nang Airbase that launched on the 10th and shot down on November 11, 1967. This was a two-ship formation that departed Da Nang on 10 November and diverted to an alternate target; both planes were destroyed. The remains of 1st Lt. Charles J. Huneycutt Jr. were returned by the Vietnamese in 1988; 21 years after being shot down.

He was awarded The Bronze Star Medal; The Purple Heart Medal and The Air Medal with Multiple Oak Leaf Clusters. 

Maj. Jerry Huneycutt was not married.

He was laid to rest in Arlington National Cemetery.


Maj. Charles Jerome “Jerry” Huneycutt is my 3rd Cousin Once Removed.


[1] Veterans Day image courtesy of




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Power of Attorney~Charles Andrew Dry Estate Lands

On 9 September 1858, Charles Andrew Dry died intestate leaving his 2nd wife and 12 children surviving; six children from each marriage. Elizabeth (Dry) Huneycutt and Sarah (Dry) Sasser was both daughters of Esther Misenheimer, the first wife of Charles Andrew Dry.

I‘m not aware why Elizabeth & Sarah thought they needed an attorney to secure their share of the Charles Dry estate.   


State of North Carolina}
Union County} Know all men by these presents that we Thomas F. Honeycutt and Elizabeth Honeycutt his wife Cullen Sasser and Sarah Sasser his wife have made nominated and appointed and by these presents do make nominate and appoint Michael Dry our true and lawful agent and attorney in fact for us and in our names to ask, demand, sue for and recover and receive of and from Thomas D. Winchester the Clerk and master in equity for the County of Union aforesaid or other person or persons having and [illegible] the same all such sum or sums of money as may be now due to use or which may hereafter become due to us on account of and arising from the sale of the lands of the heirs at law of Charles Dry deceased heretofore had by the said clerk and master pursuant to a decree of the Court of Equity for said County upon the petition of the heirs at law of the said deceased. Also all such sum or sums of money as are or may become due to us from said Winchester in any other manner whatever. To have use and take all necessary means in our names or otherwise for the recovery thereof either by sueing out and prosecuting all manner of legal processes and discharges in our names or otherwise to make seal and deliver therefor and all other acts and things to do and perform as fully and effectually in all respects so we might or could do under any circumstances.-- In testimony, we the said Thomas F. Honeycutt and Elizabeth Huneycutt, Cullen Sasser and Sarah Sasser have hereunto set or hands and seals this the 5th day of November AD 1861. 
Witness                              Thomas F. Honeycutt {seal}
J. E. Irby                            Elizabeth X her mark Honeycutt {seal}
                                          C. J. Sasser {seal}
                                          Sarah X her mark Sasser {seal}

North Carolina
     Before me Romulus M. Sanders one of the judges of the Superior Courts of law and equity for the State aforesaid on this day personally came Thomas F. Honeycutt and Elizabeth Honeycutt his wife Cullen J. Sasser and Sarah Sasser his wife the bargainers in the foregoing power of Attorney from them to Michael Dry and acknowledged that they  executed the said power of Attorney for the purposes therein expressed and the said feme covert bargainers Elizabeth Honeycutt and Sarah Sasser being by me privily examined separate and apart from their respective husbands the said Thomas F. Honeycutt and Cullen J. Sasser touching their free and voluntarily execution of said power of attorney declared when so examined that they executed the same freely and voluntarily of their own account without any force compulsion coercion or constraint on the party of their said husband or any other person and that they do now freely and voluntarily assent thereto - Let the same together with this certificate be registered Nov. 5, 1861.
                                                                   R. M. Sanders
                                                                           J. S.

Charles Andrew Dry is my 1st Cousin 5 times removed. His children are my 2nd Cousins 4 times removed.


NOTE: This Land deed a very poor reproduction and hard to read and transcribe. For the surname “Sasser”  I deliberately veered away from the standard “fs” for the double SS in a surname for readability purposes.

[1] Land Deed - Power of Attorney; 5 November 1861; Deed Book #6; Page(s) 81; Register of Deeds; Monroe, Union County, North Carolina; 11 January 2020.

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It’s Family Time~The Family of Martin Irenus Huneycutt

Martin Irenus Huneycutt was born on 14 Dec 1835 in Montgomery County, North Carolina, a son of Marcus “Mark” Huneycutt and Charity Dry. Martin was the sixth of nine children. He had 5 brothers and 3 sisters. Martin was a farmer in the Big Lick community of Stanly County, North Carolina.

About 1862, Martin Irenus married Elmira Hudson (Maiden name unproven). After the birth of 4 children between 1862 and 1873, Elmira passed away we suspect about 1874. No marriage licensee has been found for this union and the Wife/Mother’s name was obtained from the NC Death Certificate of daughter, Bessie L. Huneycutt Clark (15 Feb. 1873-13 Feb 1939). 

The Children of Martin Irenus Huneycutt and Elmire Hudson are:

        i.    Melissa Huneycutt was born about 1863.
        ii.    Jane Huneycutt was born about 1866.
       iii.    Margaret Huneycutt was born about 1871.
       iv.    Bessie J. Huneycutt, born 15 Feb 1873; married Henry L. Clark; died 13 Feb 1939.

Martin, a farmer, losing his wife and having 4 small children to care for needed some help. Martin found that help with his second wife Eunice “Nicey” [Maiden name unknown/unproven]. Some researchers say the maiden name of Eunice  “Nicey” Huneycutt is “Roland” but she was actually a Huneycutt, daughter of Gabriel and Jane Rowland Huneycutt.  

Eunice was  37 year of age when she married Martin about 1880 before the Census was taken on 24 June 1880. No children have been found for this union.

Martin Irenus Huneycutt died on 12 April 1918 of heart failure leaving his wife Nicey surviving him. Eunice “Nicey” Huneycutt died 19 November 1922. Martin Irenus Huneycutt is buried in Running Creek Baptist Church Cemetery, Locust, Stanly County, North Carolina.

Martin Irenus Huneycutt  is my 2nd Great Grand Uncle.


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2. 1850 Census, Stanly County, North Carolina, population schedule, Furrs, Stanly County, North Carolina, Page: 38B; Line 28, Dwelling 542, Family 545, Household of Mark HONEYCUTT; online database, ( : viewed 31 July 2015); citing National Archives Microfilm Publication M432, Roll 645.
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10. Stanly County, North Carolina, DEED BOOK 42: Pages 83 & 84.
11.  North Carolina, Death Certificates, 1909-1976,  Images. Ancestry, (  3 August 2019),  North Carolina, Death Certificates, 1909-1976, Raleigh, Wake County, North Carolina, Martin V Honeycutt; Certificate number 409, 12 April 1918.

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Boland Honeycutt, son of Joel, Grandson of Bolen Honeycutt

What’s in a name? Take Boland Honeycutt son of Joel Honeycutt. In this case it is a Family name that only occurs in the lineage of one Bolen Honeycutt, b. about 1751 probably in Virginia. This Senior Bolen married a lady by the name of Sarah, last name unknown. Boland the grandson has his name recorded many different ways in public documents. I have found Boland, Bolen, Bolivar and Boling.

I believed he was in fact named Bolivar and went by the Nickname – Bolin

Joel Honeycutt was born between 1790 & 1797 in Anson County, North Carolina, a son of Bolen and Sarah Honeycutt. They (Bolen & Sarah) had three children. These children are named in Bolen Honeycutt's Will (Anson County, NC) dated 2 June 1810.

Conserning my Land I leave to be Equal Devided between my three Sons Silus Honeycut John honeycut and Joel Honeycut Silus honeycut to have his part of the Land at the faar end John honeycut his part at the upper end and and  Joel his part threw the middle them ares to be lawfully present with with the sd Land at the Deseas of Sarah honeycut my wife and as for the house hold furniture Cattel hogs and horses and all stocks I the sd Bolen honeycut [transcribed as written]

After the death of his father, Joel Honeycutt leaves home and migrates to Jasper County, Georgia where he meets and marries a young lady by the name of Celia Nancy Strigling. There they were married on 29 July 1818.

Shortly after their marriage they travel to Dallas County, Alabama where they can be found in the 1820 Census.

In the Household of Joel Honeycutt we have; 2 males over 21[Joel +1]; 3 males under 21[John]; 1 female over 21[Wife, Celia]; and 5 females under 21[Nancy]. If all these children are Joel's then he or has wife was previously married.

By 1840 Joel and Celia has moved north to Bibb County and by 1850 they again moved NE into the adjoining county of Shelby where they would remain till death.

Joel and Celia had 6 children; 4 sons and 2 daughters. The last two boys Bolivar “Bolin” and Ransom were under the age of 21 in the 1850 Shelby County, Alabama Census.

Bolivar would serve with Company “G”, 20th Alabama Infantry Regiment during the Civil War under the named of Boling Honeycut.

After the war, Bolin came home and on 27 August 1867 he married Amanda L. George (nee Peel). Amanda had previously married James W. George. At present I don’t know what happen to James W. George but suspect that he died during the Civil War.


The State of Alabama}
Shelby County}
To any of the Judges of said State any Justice of the peace of said County or any other person legally authorized.
These are to authorize you to Solemnized the rites of Matrimony between Bolin Honeycutt & Amanda George of said County agreeable to Stature in such cases made & provided. Given at this office of the Judge of Probate the 27th Day August 1867.
N. B. Mardis Judge of Probate
By virtue of the above Licensee I have Solemnized the rites of Matrimony between the above named persons this 27 of August 1867.

Amanda Honeycutt is enumerated in the 1860, 1870 and 1880 WITHOUT her husband “Bolen” but with her three “George“ children's. Bolen is believed to have passed away after 1867 and before 1870.

There is no doubt that Bolivar “Bolin” Honeycutt is the son of Joel Honeycutt and Celia Nancy Strigling and that Joel Honeycutt is the son of the senior Bolin Honeycutt and his wife Sarah. Bolin Sr. in his Will named his son Joel Honeycutt along with John & Silus. Joel Honeycutt always list his place of birth as NC/SC. His path of migration can be tracked from North Carolina through Georgia to Shelby County, Alabama.  

I have found no children for Bolin and Amanda Huneycutt. There are three listed as Honeycutt children but they are in fact “George” children borne to James W. George and Amanda years before Bolin and Amanda were married.

LDS Film Number: 001571844, Image 808 of 1096

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

The Death of Drew L. Boatwright

Drury Lewis Boatwright was borne 1 April 1860, a son of George R. Boatwright and Lauretta Hurst. He was the grandson of Lewis Boatwright, Jr. and Elizabeth Rebecca Davis.

Drury and Julia Ellen Teal were married about 1878. Marriage notice from this period are non-existing and the marriage year is based on the birth of their first known child, George R. Boatwright who arrived in September 1879. 

Drury and Julia Ellen had three children:

  • George R. Boatwright borne Sept.1879.
  • Benjamin F. Boatwright borne 22 May 1881; died Aug 1881..
  • Fannie Mae Boatwright borne 12 June 1885.

Drury’s wife, Julia Ellen Teal Boatwright, died on 12 June 1931 and was buried in the Teal Family Cemetery. Drury Lewis lived another 8 years passing away on  9 Feb 1839 and was laid to rest beside his wife.  


Mr. D. L. Boatwright, a loved and respected citizen of Chesterfield, died at his home here late last Thursday night and was buried in the Teal cemetery Friday afternoon following funeral services in Zoar Methodist Church at 4 o'clock.  The Rev. E. S. Dunbar, pastor, was assisted by the Rev. D. N. Busbee, a former pastor.

Mr. Boatwright would have been 79 years of age next April. He is survived by two children, George Boatwright and Mrs. Lester Davis. His wife had preceded him in death many years ago.

He had been a loyal member of Zoar church for a long time.

He was upright in character, kind and generous and truly loved by a wide circle of friends who are grieved at his passing.

Drury Lewis Boatwright is a 2nd Cousin 3 times removed.


[1] MR. DREW L. BOATWRIGHT obituary, The Chesterfield Advertiser, Chesterfield, Chesterfield County, South Carolina, 16 February 1939.

[2] Above obituary from a Family Scrapbook; property of the Freeman Family.

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What is the Maiden Name of Mary, Mother of William R. “Todd” Sellers, b. 13 Feb. 1854

William R. “Todd” Sellers, was borne 13 Feb. 1854, the first born child of John W. Sellers and his wife Mary {Maiden Name Unknown}. John W. Sellers and Mary [LNU] were married in May 1852.

The Civil War erupted in January 1861. On 8 September 1863, after sitting out the war and caring for his family, John W. Sellers signed on with Co. "B", 31st Regiment, also known as the “O-KAY BOYS.”

But, before leaving for the war, John W. and Mary had two other children; a daughter, Mary, b. abt 1855 and and infant daughter in 1856.  

John W. and Mary are enumerated in the 1860 census for Anson County, North Carolina.

1860 CENSUS: Morven, Anson County, North Carolina; Roll: M653_887;  Image: 118; Family History Library Film: 803887, Page 279; Line 27, Dwelling 911, Family 876; John SELLERS, male, age 35, born in NC; Mary SELLERS, female, age 30, born in NC; Wm. SELLERS, male, age 8, born in NC; Infant [Mary]  SELLERS, female, age 6, born in NC and Infant SELLERS, female, age 4, born in NC. {Spelled Sillars on Ancestry] 1

John W. Sellers did not return home to his family. John W. Sellers was “Killed in Action” during the battle of Drewery's Bluff, Virginia on 14 May 1864. 2

I have found no evidence that Mary remarried after hearing of John’s death, nor can I find her in the Censuses for 1870 or 1880. But, in 1900, Mary SELLERS, Mother, age 69, born July 1830 in NC, Widow, 3 children, 3 living is living with her only son, William R. Sellers and wife Lizzie Ratliff in Morven, Anson County, NC. 3

Then Mary [LNU] Sellers goes missing again and no other record of her life after the 1900 Census has been found by this researcher. However, I do have one minor clue that may be the report of her death. On page 206 of Emma Goodwin’s “TypeTalk of Lilesville Township Anson County, NC” the following death notice appeared from a December 28, 1905 Newspaper.

“Mrs. Polly Sellers, 80, of Lilesville Township died at her home on Tuesday Night.” 

The 28th of December 1905 was a Thursday; so Polly Sellers died on 26 December 1905. Based on the birth date we have for Mary she would have been 75 years of age not 80 as stated in this death notice.4  However, based on her reported age in the 1900 Census she would have been 74 in 1905.

But is Polly and Mary one and the same person. This same newspaper shows a Mary Sellers, receiving pauper subsistence allowances and as a “widow” on the Civil War pension rolls up and including the 21 December 1905 M&I newspaper edition.

If you have information on Mary Sellers maiden name and/or when she passed away I would enjoy hearing from you. There’s an E-Mail link on the right side of this page. 

John W. Sellers is my 1st Cousin 4 times removed.


[1] 1860 U. S. Census, Anson County, North Carolina, population schedule, Morven, Anson County, North Carolina, Page 279; Line 27, Dwelling 911, Family 876, Household of John SELLERS; online database, ( : viewed 14 August 2014); citing National Archives Microfilm Publication M653, Roll 887.

[2]"North Carolina DIGITAL ARCHIVES," NC Dept. of History & Archives, ( : viewed 3 August 2019), Civil War Widow's Pension, "John M. Sellers," 2; MARS Id: 5.22.380.66.

[3] 1900 US Census, Anson County, North Carolina, population schedule; digital image, ( ); citing National Archives Microfilm T623, Roll 1181.

[4] Mrs. Polly Sellers death notice, The Messenger and Intelligencer, Wadesboro, Anson County, North Carolina, United States, 28 December 1905, Page 5, column 1.

NOTE: Name shown as John W. & John M. Sellers in various documents.