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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

O'Dear, O'Dear

Curious Relationship in McDowell

Marion Record

James Polk Gillespie is Sam O'Dear's father-in-law, and Sam O'Dear is likewise James Polk Gillespie's father-in-law. James Polk Gillespie is also Sam O'Dear' son-in-law and Sam O'Dear likewise James Polk Gillespie's son-in-law. This is a very remarkable state of affairs, but the records in Register Brown's office prove it true.

Gillespie and O'Dear were both married some years ago, and after several children had been born to each family Mrs. Gillespie and Mrs. O'Dear both died. Sam O'Dear afterwards fell in love with one of James Polk Gillespie's daughter and took her for his second wife, "unbeknown’st” as it were, to Polk, O'Dear also had a good-looking daughter, and James Polk retaliated by stealing her from Samuel, and they were married a few days ago.

You may say O'Dear this is funny, but we assure you we are not trying to Polk fun at you, but facts. All the above parties live in the northern part of this county, a few miles from Marion.


[The Landmark (Statesville, North Carolina), 8 Mar 1894, Page 4, Column 5,]

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  1. That's too funny, Charlie. I know weird things must have happened more than we know.