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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Treasure Chest Thursday~William James Purvis Family Bible

One of the major treasures in my genealogical research was first being made aware that my 2nd great grandparents Family Bible was available but in bad shape and second eventually acquiring copies of the 4 pertinent pages from the Bible relating to the marriage, birth and dates of all the children.
Purvis Bible 1

Transcription of above Bible page:
Sarah Kelson PERVIS was born in the year 1902, June 26
Maud PERVIS was born in year 1904, July 12th
[John] William PERVIS, Jr. was born in 1906
Ross PERVIS was born in the year 1908, Dec. 11
Violet Huldah PERVIS was born in the year 1912, Jan 19
John W. PERVIS was born in the year 80, Dec 31
Nancy E. PERVIS was born in the year 80, April
The Bible did contain one surprise. I knew from the 1900 census that William James and Mary Hulda had seven children but only six were living. The only grandparents I ever knew was my paternal grandmother, Grandma Pearly. None of my Aunts or Uncles knew of the Child or it’s name.

The Bible pages had the daughter’s name and birth recorded as:
Violet E. PERVIS born May 25, 1899

I am thankful for these four (4) pages and will always cherish them.

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