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Friday, October 25, 2013

Friday’s Tip of the Day

Have you ever been in a situation where you need to record a memo, dictate a short message but didn't have a voice recorder with you. Do you have documents lying around that need to be transcribed such as Deeds, Wills, probate records, etc.

If you have a Smartphone you may be able to use it in an emergency situation. You could use it to photograph the document and transcribe from the image you have just taken or you can read the document and use your Smartphone to record it. 

For most of my transcription, I use Dragon Naturally Speaking V. 12; but in other situation I have use my IPhone as a substitute. 

Here are the steps in using your IPhone 4S for voice dictation to transcribe a document:
  • Select e-mail
  • Tap on the "Compose" button. It looks like a pencil held to a piece of paper.
  • Select your own e-mail address as recipient
  • Subject: transcription
  • go to the text block, select microphone and start the dictation of  the document you are transcribing.
  • When done, send it to yourself paste it into your Word processor, clean it up and set up formatting as you deem necessary, etc.

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