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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Shopping Saturday~A Trip to The Store

Growing up as a teenager in North Carolina we lived on a large farm North East of Morven, North Carolina. Morven is one of several small towns in Anson County, NC. Wadesboro, the county seat, is located about 10 Miles NE of Morven on Highway 52.


On the Green Map the location of the farm we lived on is labeled “Farm” It was located North of Jones Creek and the Creek was the southern boundary of the farm consisting of about 500 acres.

Dad was away from home during the week working bridge construction throughout  North and South Carolina. On the weekends, when he was home making a trip to Paul Diggs Store at the intersection of Diggs Road and Highway 145 was a weekly routine. My Dad never had a driver license so the trip to the store was by foot and the store was approximately 2 miles one way from the farm.

Along the way, but closer to the store than our house was the home Aunt Liz and Aunt Cora. These two were sisters of my Daddy’s Mother, Lucy; my grandmother. It was our first stop and we all made for the well to draw a cool bucket of water. There were always sweets for us children.

The next stop was The Store. In the back of the Store was a pot belly stove with men sitting around talking. Daddy would buy us a RC Cola and a moon pie and send us scurrying outside until he was ready to leave.

On the return trip was a stop at the Robinson Antiques and used Furniture often referred to as Robinson Junkyard. We kids had a great time looking at all the “goodies” available for purchase. After a short stop, we would travel on home arriving in time for Mom to put food on the table and partake of our afternoon meal.

Keep in mind that there was no TV to rush home to watch; we didn’t even have a battery powered radio but life was great growing up as a teenager in the 1950’s.     

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