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Monday, February 6, 2012

Transcribing Wills & Deeds

As family historians and genealogists we are always transcribing or abstracting documents. I have transcribed many documents using a magnifier and a yellow legal pad. I'm always looking for a better or easier way to do these necessary tasks. There are various programs available to assist you in transcribing documents but many of them are cost prohibited.

I recently found a great program for doing this job. It's called TranscriptBeta and it can be used in a "free" mode or you can register the program and unlock some additional features. The primary, added feature is the ability to work more than one project at a time. If you decide to register the cost is 15 euro or $19.69.

The program will read either RTF or JPG files. The author's webpage suggest that PDF support can be added by downloading and installing ghostscript.

The following is a screenshot of my transcription of a portion of the Richard Graves Revolutionary War Pension File (S-8598).

Double-Click Image for larger size

I like this program. It serves my transcription needs. It has proven to be a real labor saving program for me. I am in no way affiliated with the Author or this program (other than as a user) and I am not being paid for my comments.

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