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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Thursday’s Treasure: Deed of Trust–Wm. A. Purvis

Early in my genealogical journey I was living in Ogden, Utah and had access to the awesome Family History Library of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Some the the early documents I found for my ancestor William A. Purvis were Census and Land Deeds. This was back in the days of Soundex Codes to find your ancestors surname in the Census (Purvis – P612) and before any use of digital files. Back in those days we had Surname Books for looking up the Soundex or you could use the Soundex Code chart to calculate the soundex manually.

The following deed is a Deed of Trust between William A. Purvis and Marshall & Richardson made on 1 March 1878 whereby Marshall & Richardson are making advance to my 2nd Great Grandfather so that he may plant a crop in the year 1878.

Every document (over 30) I have found for William A. Purvis; the documents always lists him as William A. or W. A. Purvis.


W. A. Pervis to Marshall & Richardson

State of North Carolina}
County of Anson } This agreement made and entered into this 1st day of March 1878 between Marshall & Richardson of the county of Anson and State aforesaid and W. A. Pervis of the county of Anson and said State witnesseth:
that the said Marshall & Richardson do hereby agree to make advances in money or supplies during the year 1878 to an amount not to exceed one hundred dollars to the said W. A. Pervis who is engaged in the cultivation of the soil in Anson County, said money or supplies to be expended in the cultivation of the crop to be made by W. A. Pervis during the year aforesaid and to be due 15 day of Oct. 1878. Now in order to secure to the said "Marshall & Richardson" payment for the advances to be made under this agreement the said W. A. Pervis hereby gives to the said Marshall & Richardson a lien on the said crops which may be made during the year aforesaid by W. A. Pervis in pursuance of the provision of an Act entitled an act to secure advances for agricultural purposes ratified March 1st 1867, and an Act to Re-enact the same ratified March 1st 1878.
Witness                                                Marshall & Richardson
W. C. Hardison                                     W. A. Pervis

State of North Carolina}
Anson County} The due execution of the foregoing agreement was proven before me this day by the oath and examination of W. C. Hardison the subscribing witness. Let the same with this certificate be registered. Witness my hand and seal of office at office in Wadesboro this the 1st day of March A.D. 1878.
                                                                                        John C. McLanchlin, CSC

State of North Carolina}
Anson County} The 5th day of March 1878. Then the foregoing agreement came into my hands and was duly registered.
                                                                           P. J. Coppedge, Register of Deeds


[1] LDS Family History Library Film #1689064; Deeds of Trust, Volume 9, Page 347; Anson County deeds, 1749-1926; indexes, 1748-1962, 1749-1962North Carolina. County Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions (Anson County); Deeds of trust v. 8-9, dated 1876-1878.

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