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Thursday, May 4, 2017

Treasure Chest Thursday~Gulledge-Boatwright Marriage, 1839

Marriage Gulledge Boatwright

The State of South Carolina} 1
County of Chesterfield}
I, William L. Robeson a Magistrate do hereby certify that in the fall of 1839 in the then District now County of Chesterfield and State of South Carolina I joined in Marriage Obediah Gulledge and Lavicy Boatwright according to forms of Law and I further certify that I am a disinterested in the claim of the said Lavicy Gulledge.
Sworn to and Subscribed}                                        W. L. Robeson
Before me 4th July 1879}
Thomas F. Mulloy}
Gulledge - Summary of Proof
Date Fall of 1839 of Obediah Gulledge to Lavicy Boatwright proven by Testimony of W. L. Robeson who performed marriage ceremony between Soldier and claimant.

Proof as to capacity to Marry:
Claimant states that both of them were previously married, Soldier first to Rebecca McLean who died in 1835 and again to Matilda Taylor who died in 1837. Claimant previously married to Drury Boatwright who died in 1832.

Death of Soldier:
25 June 1863 Sworn by testimony of Hugh Craig and W. A. Mulloy.

Alleged by claimant and shown by Hugh Craig and W. A. Mulloy.

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As stated above, Obadiah Gulledge was married three times; first to Rebecca McLean who died in 1835, then to Matilda  Taylor who died in 1837 and lastly to Lavicy Boatwright (nee Thurman). Lavicy’s first husband was Drury Boatwright who also served in the War of 1812.
Obadiah Gulledge died 25 June 1863; Lavicy Gulledge died 20 Dec 1882.


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