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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Chesterfield County SC~Estate Folder #987 – Lewis H. Wadsworth

This on-going series of posting, appears every Sunday, on selected Estate Folders from the Estate files of Chesterfield County. No known estates exist for the period before the Civil War. They were destroyed with the burning of the Courthouse. There are a few “Equity Records” in the State Archives. Do not overlooked this valuable resources if you are looking for ancestors in Chesterfield County, South Carolina.

Today we will be looking at the following Estate folder:

Folder #987

L. H. Wadsworth

The estate folder begins at image 271 of 1643. There are 32 images within the estate folder. (images 271-302) 1

I have written two articles previously about Lewis and his two marriages and families. There articles may be accessed here:
Therefore, this post will focus on the contents of this estate folder #987.
Lewis H. Wadsworth was born 13 September 1832, a son of John H. Wadsworth and Susannah Davis. He spent his life as a farmer in the Cole Hill Section off Chesterfield County.

Township Map-Chesterfield County

On 7 March 1910, at the age of 77, Lewis H. Wadsworth passed away leaving his wife Elizabeth A. Crawford and two small children. Also surviving were 7 children from his first wife.

One of the first items within the estate folder is the Will of Lewis H. Wadsworth. Since an executor was not named within the Will; William J. Odom petitioned the Court and was named administrator of the estate. 

Image 293 - Lewis H. Wadsworth

South Carolina}
Chesterfield County}      In Probate Court
Ex Parte}
W. J. Odom}
In re Est.}
L. H. Wadsworth}
Dec’d. }
To The Probate Court
The petition of W. J. Odom shows that
I. L. H. Wadsworth died testate in above State & County on 7 March 1910, but there is no Executor named in his Last Will & Testament.
II. That he left personal property of the value of Seven hundred and fifty Dollars and there are some Debts due to the Estate-.
III. That an administrator with the Will annexed is necessary in order to properly wind up said estate-
IV. The petitioner married a daughter of deceased and he has been requested to act as the administrator –
                Therefore he asks that he be appointed such administrator with the Will annexed.
                                                        W. J. Odom

The Last Will and Testament of Lewis H. Wadsworth can be viewed here:
A list of surviving heirs to the estate is here:
An order for the sale of Person Property can be found here:
The first and Final return is here;
Personal Estate Appraisement is here

Lewis H. Wadsworth is my 1st Cousin 4 times removed.

[1] "South Carolina Probate Records, Files and Loose Papers, 1732-1964," images, FamilySearch ( : 21 May 2014), Chesterfield > Probate Court, Estate records > 1865-1927 > Cases 0980-1052 > image 271 of 1643; county courthouses, South Carolina, and South Carolina Department of Archives and History, Columbia.

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