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Monday, August 7, 2017

Amanuensis Monday~Lot #8-Martin Partition-Davis Children to Wadsworth

Amanuensis Monday is a genealogy blogging theme. It was started by John Newmark who writes the TransylvanianDutch blog.

His definition of Amanuensis is:
Amanuensis: A person employed to write what another dictates or to copy what has been written by another.

Today’s subject is a Anson County Land Deed, Lot #8-Martin Partition: Davis Children to Wadsworth.  

DB 48, PG 102DB 48, PG 103

Deed Book 48, Page 102 & 103
State of South Carolina.
Chesterfield County.
THIS DEED, made and entered into, this the 12th day of January 1909, by and between G. W. M. Davis and wife, Martha Davis, A. B. Davis and wife Margaret Davis, B. F. Davis and wife Cornelia Davis and J. A. Davis and wife Arnie V. Davis parties of the first part, and Julia S. Wadsworth party of the second part, of Chesterfield County, State of South Carolina, Witnesseth:
THAT THE parties of the first part for and in consideration of the love and affection which they have for their sister Julia S. Wadsworth and for the consideration of the sum of One Dollar to them paid by the said Julia S. Wadsworth, the receipt of which is hereby duly acknowledged and the further consideration of the fact that the said Julia S. Wadsworth redeemed the land hereinafter described after the same has been sold for taxes on or about the year 1892, and has continually paid the taxes thereon since that time, have bargained, sold, conveyed and confirmed and by these presents do hereby bargain, sell, convey and confirm unto the said Julia S. Wadsworth, her heirs and d assigns all the right, title, interest and estate of the parties of the first part in and to the following described tract or parcel of land in Anson County, Morven Township, and bounded as follows:
Beginning at a rock in the line of lot No. 1, 4 pines ptrs. And runs with a line of said lot S. 35 E. 22.20 chs. To a rock in Parsons’ line, 1 pine ptr., a corner of said lot; then with said Parsons’ line N. 52 E. 7.10 chs. To his corner stake, 2 white oak ptrs.; then with lot No. 7 N. 12 ½ E. 19.40 chs. To a rock in said line, 3 pine ptrs., then S. 73 W. 22.60 chs. to the beginning, containing 25 acres, more or less. It being the lot of land allotted to M. G. Davis, wife of W. B. Davis in the division of the lands of the late Hanna F. Martin, made on the 10th. Day of October, 1885, and recorded in deed book No. 29, page 313, in the office of the Register of Deeds for Anson County to which reference is hereby made for a more particular description of the same.
TO HAVE AND TO HOLD the above described tract or parcel of land with all privileges and appurtenances thereunto belonging to her the said Julia S. Wadsworth, her heirs and assigns in fee simple forever. And the said parties of the first part covenant that they are seized of said premises in fee and have right to convey the same in fee simple.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the said parties of the first part have hereunto set their hands and seals, the day and date above written.
                                                           G. W. M. X (his mark) Davis (Seal)
                                                           Martha H. Davis (Seal)
                                                           A.. B. Davis (Seal)
                                                           Margaret X her mark Davis (Seal)
                                                           B. F. Davis (Seal)
                                                           Cornelia X her mark Davis (Seal)
                                                          J. A. Davis (Seal)
                                                          A. V. Davis (Seal)

State of South Carolina, County of Chesterfield.
I, W. J. Odom Notary Public, in and for the said County and state do hereby certify that G.W.M. Davis and wife Martha Davis, A. B. Davis and wife Margaret Davis, B. F. Davis and wife Cornelia Davis and J. A. Davis and wife Arnie V. Davis personally appeared before me this day and duly acknowledged the execution of the foregoing Deed of Conveyance, and the said Martha Davis wife of G. W. M. Davis, Margaret Davis wife of A. B. Davis, Cornelia Davis wife of B. F. Davis and Arnie V. Davis wife of J. A. Davis each being by me privately examined, separate and part from her said husband, doth on such her private examination sate, and each for herself being privately examined sates that she signed the same freely and voluntarily without fear or compulsion on the part of her said husband or of any other person. Witness my hand and Notarial seal, this the 28 day of February, 1910. W. J. Odom Notary Public (Seal)
My commission expires at the will of the Governor of South Carolina.
                                                                  W. J. Odom N.P.

State of South Carolina, County of Chesterfield.
I, R. E. Rivers Clerk of the Circuit Court in and for the County and State aforesaid, do hereby certify that W. J. Odom whose genuine signature appears to the forgoing instrument hereto attached was at the time of signing the same, a Notary Public for S.C., duly commissioned under the laws of the State, and that his official acts as such are entitled to full faith and credit. Witness my hand and Seal of said Court at Chesterfield S.C. this 28th day of February A.D. 1910.
                                                                           R. E. Rivers Clerk of Circuit Court

State of North Carolina, Anson County.
The foregoing certificates of W. J. Odom, a Notary Public of South Carolina, with his Notarial Seal attached, and of R. E. Rivers, Clerk of the Circuit Court of Chesterfield County South Carolina, with his official seal attached, are adjudged to be correct. Let the instrument, with the certificates, be registered. Witness my hand, this 6th day of January, 1911.
                                                W. K. Boggan, Clerk Superior Court.
Jan. 6, 1911 at 5:10 o’clock, P.M.
Then the foregoing Deed, with the certificates thereon, came into my hands and they were duly registered.
                                                                                       D. W. Johnson
                                                                                       Register of Deeds

All of the parties named within this deed are children of William Blakeney Davis and his wife Mary Jane Martin.  Mary Jane Martin was the daughter of Hanna F. Martin and her distributive share of the Martin Estate  was Lot #8 (Anson County, NC DB 29:313-318).

Hanna F. Martin Division
Snippet Martin Partition 1
Snippet Martin Partition 2

Something strange is going on here and required further research; Lot #8 is specifically allocated to M. G. Davis wife of W. B. Davis. This Land Division deed is dated 10 October 1885.
Mary Jane Martin Davis tombstone (FAG #44967087) shows that she died on 15 September 1885 a month before this Lot was allocated. It seems to me that if she was deceased, the lot should have been allocated to her children.  

List of those named within the Deed:
  • G. W. M. Davis - George Washington Martin Davis
  • Martha H. Davis - Martha Hannah Rushing (Wife of George W. M. Davis)
  • A.. B. Davis - Augustus B. Davis
  • Margaret Davis - Margaret "Maggie" Odom (Wife of A. B. Davis)
  • B. F. Davis - Benjamin Franklin Davis 
  • Cornelia Davis - Cornelia Smith (Wife of Benj. Franklin Davis)
  • J. A. Davis - James Alexander "Sandy" Davis
  • A. V. Davis - Arnie Violet Douglass (Wife of James Alexander "Sandy Davis)
  • J. S. Wadsworth - Julia Susan Davis Wadsworth (Husband - Jesse Thomas Wadsworth.
All of the Davis men and women listed are siblings; G. W. M.; A. B.; B. F.; J. A. and J. S.

[1] North Carolina, Deed Book: Deed Book 48, pages 102 & 103, G. W. M. DAVIS & WIFE ET AL -TO- JULIA S. WADSWORTH; Register of Deeds, Wadesboro, Anson County, North Carolina.

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