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Friday, February 8, 2019

Petition to Probate~Last Will and Testament William Franklin Brock

As documented within this petition, William Franklin Brock, son of Valentine "Vol" Brock and Bethany Ginn Brock passed away on 21 August 1910 leaving a small personal and real estate.  His Widow, Cynthia E. Alford Brock petitioned the Courts for administration of the estate.

William Franklin Brock was twice married. His first wife was Sarah Brumfield with whom he had three known daughters. His second marriage was to Cynthia E. Alford on 11 December 1871. To this union was born seven children; 2 daughter and 5 sons. 

Petition to Probate

Page 455
No. 500 Last will and testament of W. F. Brock, Deceased  No. 500
Proceedings in the Chancery Court of Pike County, Mississippi, in the above styled cause.

………………Petition to Probate Will……………….
State of Mississippi, # In the Chancery court,
Pike County # In Vacation

To the Hon. J. S. Hicks, Chancellor Fourth Chancery District of Mississippi, and holding Sessions in and for the County of Pike, at Magnolia:
Your petitioner, Mrs. Synthia Brock, a resident and citizen of the County of Pike, state of Mississippi, with respect shows unto the court that on the 21 day of Aug., 1910, W. F. Brock, late a resident of said County, departed this life leaving a last will and testament duly signed, published and attested and which petitioner, in pursuance of the statue, herewith presents to your Honor for probate. That said will is duly subscribed by Dr. J. S. Brock, Clyde Brock, and W. H. McDaniel as witnesses to the signature and publication thereof.
Petitioner shows that all of said subscribing witnesses mow resigns in the County of Pike, and this affidavit of said witnesses to the signature and publication of said last will and testament is hereto attached and made a part of this petition.
Petitioner shows that at the time of the making and publishing said last will and testament, the said testator was over the age of 21 years, of sound and disposing mind and memory, and died seized and possessed of a small personal and real estate located in Pike County, where testator had a fixed place of residence.
Petitioner shows that no executor is named or appointed in said will, as same shows on its face, and that no administration upon the estate of said testator is necessary as far as she is advised and believes, petitioner bring the widow of said testator and dole legatee thereunder. In consideration whereof and to the and that said last will and testament may in all things be executed according to the true intent and meaning thereof, petitioner prays that the probate of said will be granted and the same be ordered for record, and if petitioner has not prayed for the proper relief, then she prays for such other, further and general relief, as in equity she may be entitled to, etc.
                                        Mrs. Synthia Brock
                                        By W. J. Simmons,
                                                   Her Solicitor.

State of Mississippi, Pike County.
Before me, W. C. Vaught, Clerk of the Chancery Court of said County, personally appeared Clyde Brock, son of the petitioner in the above and foregoing petition, who being duly sworn deposes and says that the facts recited in said petition are true as therein stated as he verily believes.
                                     Clyde Brock

Sworn to and subscribed before me,
This 8 day of Sept., 1910.
                                                                    W. C. Vaught, Clerk  {seal}

Filed September 8th, 1910.
                                                                    W. C. Vaught, Clerk

William Franklin Brock is a distant 3rd Cousin 3x removed. 

[1] William F. BROCK (1910), Last Will and Testament, No. 500: Record of Wills, Vol 1, 1882-1911; pages 455-458; Probate Office, Magnolia, Pike County, Mississippi, Mississippi. [Hyperlink -

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