Thanks for reading and commenting about my blog postings. My goal is to accurately document the genealogy of my family and allied families living in Chesterfield County, SC and Anson County, NC. If you have a Chesterfield County surname you are interested in please send me an e-mail.

Military Service

Revoluntionary War

Thomas Davis
Charles Dry
Frederick Rivers
Hardy Sellers

War of 1812

John H. Brown

Mexican War

Civil War

Hezekiah Brock (died as a POW)
Joel Washington Brock
Samuel W. Brock, b. 1830
Eli Brock
Calvin Brock
Thomas Brock
Pleasant A. Brock
James P. Brock
William Brock
William Blakney Davis
Alfred  W. Davis
B. Thomas Davis
Benjamin T. Davis
Carroll Washington Davis
Fred Davis
Isaac Davis
John Ferguson Davis
Thomas Franklin Davis
Thomas P. Davis
William Benjamin Davis
William Blakeney  Davis, Jr.
William Thomas Graves
Daniel W. Graves
James F. Perkins
Calvin Rivers
Charles Henry Rivers
David T. Rivers
Dempsey Rivers
Drew Rivers
Drury Rivers
Frederick Rivers
Frederick F. Rivers
Frederick F. Rivers
James Rivers
James Kelly Rivers
John Rivers
John M. Rivers
Lewis Rivers
Louis Rivers
Louis J. Rivers
Malachi Rivers
Mark Rivers
Phillip Parker Rivers
Samuel Rivers
William Alfred
William B. Rivers
William F. Rivers
William Jasper Rivers
Andrew W[ashington] Sellers
Elijha Sellers
Hardie J. Sellers
Hardy J. Sellers
J. Arnold Sellers
James D. Sellers
John E. Sellers
Joseph Baxter Sellers
Phillip Alfred Sellers
Richard G. Sellers
Samuel J. Sellers
William  B. Sellers
William Riley Sellers

Spanish American War

James Aaron Sellers
James Mack Sellers
Joseph Henry Perkins
Jpseph B. Harding
Alsey Clinton Pridgen 

World War I

James Deese, US Army, WWI (KIA)

World War II

Luther William Johns, US Army Paratrooper, WWII
Willie Benjamin Johns, US Army, WWII
John Calvin Purvis, US Army, WWII


Donald Fisher, US Army, Korea


Carl Donald Morrison, US Navy, Vietnam
Charles Lee Purvis, US Air Force, 2 tours, 

Also served during non-combative times

Willie David Johns, US Army, Post Korea
Larry Johns, US Army
William B. Purvis, US Air Force

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