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Friday, December 14, 2012

12 Genealogy Mysteries I Would like to Solve

On 12/12/2012 Colleen Pasquale posted on her blog – Leaves & Branches- 12 Genealogical Mysteries she would like answered  which was followed by Randy Seaver’s Genea-Musing blog. Randy challenged everyone to post their own mysteries.

Here are twelve genealogy mysteries I'd like to solve:

1. Between 1860 and 1880 my 2nd Great Grandfather, Shadrach Johns (1800-aft 1880) lost his wife (Mary Boan), two daughters (Anna W. & Alice Catherine, a son (Thomas H.)and his son-in-law, Joel Toler. (Location: 1860 – Russell Station, AL > Washington County, FL > Marlboro County, SC in 1880)What happen to his family? [1]

2. How did Shadrach Johns, Joseph Henry Johns and the two grandchildren William Shadrac Toler and Mary Toler survive?

3. Who are the parents of William A. Purvis, b. abt 1834, died in Anson County, NC between Sept. 1899 and May 1900?

3. If David W. Graves is the Father of Sarah Jane Graves who married William A. Purvis, who was his wife and the mother of Sarah Jane?

4. Who was the Husband of Mary Graves, b. 1795 and enumerated in Household #110, page 106A of the 1850 Chesterfield County SC Census?

5. Who were the parents of Shadrach Johns, b. 1800 and died after 1880?

6. On the marriage licensee for Clarence Alexander Morrison, b. June 1873, he lists his parents as Robert Morrison and his wife Jane. I have been unable to find Robert & Jane. Who are Robert Morrison and Jane his wife of Richmond County, North Carolina?

7. Who are the parents of Laura Driggers (1869 -1898) of Marlboro County, SC?

8. Who was Elizabeth “Betsy” Purvis living with William A. Purvis in 1880; married (based on land deed reference to wife) in September 1899? Social security document for her daughter says she was Betsy Prevett.

9. Who are the parents of Sarah “Sally” Morris, b. 27 Jan 1829, d. 21 Oct 1902 in Chesterfield County, SC?

10. Alsey Brock, son of Hezekiah Brock and Sally Morris, was born 25 June 1855; when did Alsey pass away? Last found in 1900 census.

11. Who are the parents of William H. H. Purvis, b. abt 1813 in Chesterfield County, SC ; died after 2 Mar 1855 in Polk County, Texas?

12. When did William H. H. Purvis of Polk County, Texas die?

[1] Sometime between Dec 1866 and 1880, something tragically happened to this family. The whole family signed a deed (DB6:598) in Chesterfield on 3 December 1866. We next find Shadrach, his son Joseph Henry and two grandchildren, Mary & William Shadrac Toler in the 1880 Census for Marlboro County, SC, Hebron township, Family 43. I have yet to find any document that would tell me what happen to Mary Boan Johns, Her daughters, Alice Catherine and Anna W., her son Thomas W. Johns and her son-in-law Joel S. Toler.


  1. Charlie, I hope we can all answer our questions in 2013!

  2. Colleen,
    I hope we can; but, the logic in my thinking says you been at this for 36 years and your time is running out.

    Now you are young and if technology increase as fast as it has between 1960 and today then there every possibility that your questions will be answered.

    I'm rooting for you and wishing you a Merry Christmas and a very successful 2013 Genealogical Research year.