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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Probate File #778–Eli P. Brock

A migration from Chesterfield County, South Carolina occurred around 1818. Many of the local families left with Gilbert Purvis and his brother James F. Purvis. Among the families were  Brock’s, Purvis’, Holifield and many others. They migrated down through Georgia into Clarke County, Alabama and eventually settling in and around Hinds, Rankin and Smith Counties, Mississippi.

Joseph Purvis, husband of Elizabeth Cook was among this group. So was Moses Holifield of Anson County and his wife Milly Rivers of Chesterfield. Joseph Purvis died about 1842. By 1844, his wife Elizabeth had re-married to Richard Oldham/Odom most likely to help care for her young children. Records point to a rather large family for Joseph & Elizabeth.

Also among the group was Eli P. Brock. Eli P. Brock died in Hinds County Mississippi in 1844. No record has been found that would indicate that Eli was married; so without documentation I choose to state that he was a single man. When Eli P. Brock died Moses Brock was appointed as administrator of his estate.

Now, based on the research that I have done Moses Brock and Eli P. Brock was first cousins. Moses Brock father was William Brock married to Charlotte (LNU). William and Charlotte migrated before 1818 to Louisiana.

In 1844, Eli P. Brock died and left a small estate with few assets (one lot of sundries $6; one yearling $3) and a lot of liability. It got so bad that Moses Brock petitioned the Court to declare the estate insolvent and it was thus order in Court on the 23rd June 1846, Hinds County, Mississippi.

A hearing on Final settlement of the estate took place during January term 1851 with notice that final settlement would be adjudicated at the April term 1851. 

Newspaper Notice - Eli P. Brock, 1844
Hinds County Gazette, 23 January 1851 

The State of Mississippi [1]
Hinds County
In the Probate Court of said County; January Term 1851
To Samuel Brock, Esquire Brock, Benjamin Brock, and all other unknown heirs who are non-residents, and all other persons whatsoever interested in the Estate of ELI P. BROCK, deceased:
YOU are hereby cited to be and appear before our said Court, at the April Term, 1851, thereof, then and there to shew cause if any you can why MOSES BROCK administrator of said estate should not be allowed at that time to make his final settlement and be discharged from all farther liability as such administrator.
WITNESS, Hon. Amos R. JOHNSTON, Judge of our said Court, at its January Term. [L. S.[ A. D. 1851, and the seal of said Court attached.
Attest---- W. H. HAMPTON, Clerk
Jan. 23, 1851. ---32-3t.

To date, very little information has been found about Eli P. Brock. The estate notice above confirmed my assertion that he was a single man and indicates to me that Samuel Brock, Esquire Brock, Benjamin Brock, and all other unknown heirs who are non-residents are siblings. Samuel, Esquire and Benjamin are the names of Brock men who remained in Chesterfield County, South Carolina.

Samuel would be Samuel W. . Brock, b. 1796. died after 1880, married Martha.

Benjamin would be Benjamin Brock, b. 1790, died bef 1870 married Temperance and Esquire is Squire H. Brock, b. 5 Feb. 1805, d. 10 Feb. 1888; married Rachel Parker.

Eli. P. Brock estate can be found in Hinds County, Mississippi and on LDS Family History Library Film #1749976, Probate File #778 and also on Mississippi State Archives Film MDAH #10401.[2]

Eli P. Brock is my 3rd Great Grand Uncle.

If you have information about Eli P. Brock and his time in Mississippi I would like to hear from you.

[1] Eli P. BROCK Probate Notice, Hinds County Gazette, Raymond, Hinds County, Mississippi, United States, 23 January 1851, Number 32, Volume 6.
[2] Hinds County, Mississippi, Probate Court Estates, Old Series,, Probate Folder #778: , Eli P. BROCK; LDS Family History Film #1749976.

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