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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Thriller Thursday–Jack Gathings Shot


Garrett Man Charged After Officer Shot
Special to the News
ENNIS, Texas, Jan 9, –8. Kack [Jack] Gathings, 55, deputy Sheriff, lies apparently at the point of death in a hospital  as a result of a shooting in the alley her Friday night. He received three bullet wounds, two in the chest and one in the liver. Physicians sates he can not recover.
Alvin Breeland, about 35, surrendered to Constable Johnnie Roberts and was carried to the county jail in Waxahachie.
Charges of assault to murder were filed against Breeland. District Attorney Archie  D. Gray of Waxahachie was here Saturday investigating the shooting, which occurred as Gathings was attempting to arrest Breeland.
Both men are married and have children. Gathings has two daughter, Mrs. L. R. Baker of Arkansas, Mrs. Chester Peteet of Dallas, and a son, Albert Gathings of Garrett. Gathings made his home at Garrett.
Breeland received 5 years in prison.

My current research indicates that Jack survived the shooting; dying on 18 March 1955.

You can read a related article here:

[1] Local Newspaper article; The News, 9 Jan 1931,

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