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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Church Record Sunday- Chesterfield County, SC

From Circuit Riders to permanent structures; religion has played a vital role in the founding and building of communities in Chesterfield County, South Carolina. There are quite a few long standing churches in the County Far too many to mention them all in this blog but I would like to mention several of them.

Elizabeth Baptist Church
Located in Mt. Croghan, SC
Founded in 1825 by Elder Joel Gulledge and Samuel Timmons
One of the oldest churches in the county.
Many early pioneers of the county buried here.
Minutes from the church with many names of former members  can be found here: Elizabeth Baptist Church Minutes

St. David’s Episcopal Church
Used as a hospital during the Revolutionary and Civil War.

First Civil War monument ever erected is in St David’s Churchyard.[1]

English Soldiers from the 71th Regiment buried in it’s churchyard.

Bishop Francis Asbury visited Cheraw in 1785. It is reported that he and his party spent some time in prayer at St David’s.[2] The St. David's Parish was created in 1768. [3]  Likely the church was built between these two dates [1768-1785].

Many of the early settlers buried in its churchyard.

Review both “The History of the Old Cheraws” and “St. David's Parish, South Carolina: Minutes of the Vestry, 1768-1832; Parish Register, 1819-1924”. [4]

Zoar United Methodist Church[5]
The exact date of it founding is unknown but it is known to be over 100 years. Early members of the Church were the Teal’s, Davis’, Rivers’, Boatwright’s, Campbell’s and Previtte’s.  The church began as a little log cabin and is quite stately today.

It’s churchyard includes many of the early county pioneers including several of my great grandparents and great great grandparents.

Westfield Creek Baptist Church
Established over a hundred years ago.

"Homecoming at Westfield Creek Church, Oct. 28
Westfield Creek Baptist Church will celebrate their 119th Homecoming on Sunday Oct. 28th at 10:30a.m. Vocal Reunion will be ministering in music. Evangelist Dr. Bill Traywick will preach God’s Word."[6]

White Oak Presbyterian
The history of Presbyterians in Chesterfield County goes back to 1812 and forward to the establishment of  a church which later merged with another Church and was called Pisgah. Pisgah was later renamed White Oak Presbyterian Church.

White Oak is approximately 6 miles south of Ruby, SC and is the oldest Presbyterian Church in the County.

This is just a represented samples of the many old churches; some of whom were started in the infancy of the county and still exists today.[7]

[4] Holcomb, Brent H. and St. David's Episcopal Church. St. David's Parish, South Carolina: Minutes of the Vestry, 1768-1832; Parish Register, 1819-1924. Easley, S.C.: Southern Historical Press, 1979.FHL Book 975.763/C1 K2h
[6], Saturday, March 23, 2013

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