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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sunday's Obituary ~ James Brock, b. 1802


The within named James Brock is supposed to be dead but left a number of heirs residing in this county whose names are as follows
Wm. Brock, James Brock, John Brock, Valentine Brock, Sarah Touchstone, Mary Garrett Felix Brock and some others whose names are unknown the above named John I suppose resides in Hinds county.
May 20 1861                                                                                              G. Martin Shff

William Brock, the Father of the within named James Brock died sometime around January 1844. The earliest dated document in his Estate File is dated 22 January 1844. Many researchers have this date listed as William Brock’s death date. This is not his death date; he died sometime before this date.

I have yet to find a WILL for William so it’s believed that no Will was left; there is no mention of a WILL in the 84 pages of his estate's folder. William did leave a very young son – Richard Johnson Brock, b, 2 July 1843.

This young son and his sick Mother are why William’s Estate was probated and why we have the documents therein. Ironically, William’s young wife, Katherine Delilah Jordan Brock, died on 27 June 1846; just 2 years after losing her husband. Richard Johnson Brock was a mere 2 1/2 years old.

William’s son Moses Brock, Sr. was assigned administrator of the estate at the request of Katherine Brock, his step-mother. Moses Brock and his wife Margaret Six cared for Richard until her death.

The estate stayed active for the next sixteen years and six months (16 1/2) and on 10 June 1861, Moses Brock petitioned the court to close the estate. To do this, the Court required the concurrence of all partied to the estate. Thus we have the Court document issued to the Sheriff of Simpson County.


William and his first wife Charlotte had 9 children. One of these children – Emily were deceased prior to William’s death. Now in June 1861 this court has issued the above order for the Sheriff to notify the remaining seven (7) children of the closure of their Father estate. Here another puzzle exists; They had a son named Francis M. Brock. Is this Felix Brock?  There was no known daughter named Mary; so who is Mary Garrett and lastly why is daughter Nancy Brock Glasscock Hinson missing from the summons?

Those named in the Court Order are:
William Brock
James Brock
John Brock
Valentine Brock
Sarah Touchstone
Mary Garrett
Felix Brock

Then we have the above report from B. Martin, Sheriff -- “The within named James Brock is supposed to be dead…

Long before I found this document I knew that James Brock was dead. I had traced him up until the 1850 Census in Simpson County, Mississippi and in 1860 his wife Piety Leggett Brock was alone with three (3) of her sons and a daughter ranging in age from 10 to 23.

No tombstone has been found for James Brock and an exact date has not yet been found.

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