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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Wednesday’s Child~Two Rivers Children Dies

Ob 13 October 1896 tragedy struck the family of James Martus “Big Jim” Rivers.  This article from local newspapers of that time tells the story.

I knew of this story long before the newspaper account was found. It was passed down that the cause of death was from partaking of a blackberry pie resulting in death by food poisoning.


Samuel Herbert and his sister Lela Rivers both died of food poison. They share a tombstone at Hopewell Baptist Church. 
Photo Courtesy of Julious Burr

Samuel Herbert Rivers
b. 27 Sept 1888
d. 13 Oct 1896

Lela Rivers
b. 2 Feb. 1891
d. 13 Oct 1896

Eliza Catherine McDougald Rivers, the wife of “Big Jim” and the other child survived the ordeal.

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