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Friday, November 15, 2013

Identifying the Parents of Mary Ann Gainey

Mary Ann Gainey was born 20 July 1843 in Chesterfield, South Carolina. She married Phillip James Hurst about 1864. Their marriage date is based on the birth of their first born, Ellen P. Hurst about 1865.

In 1870, P. J. and Mary are living in Washington County, Virginia and have 3 children in their household, the oldest being Ellen P. Hurst, daughter, age 5. Then in 1880, P. J. and Mary are back in Chesterfield with 8 children; the youngest only a month old.1

In 1890, Phillip James (P. J.) Hurst and his wife Mary Ann pulled up stakes and migrated to Arkansas along with several other families from Chesterfield. They settled in Kingsland, Cleveland County, Arkansas.2

A convoy of families from Anson & Chesterfield have packed up to move to Arkansas. The Anson men leaving are WB Hinson, Joseph Ashcraft, Thos Phillips, John Talton, Marshall Phillips, James Green, John Niven, Fincher Huntley - The Chesterfield County men are PJ Hurst, JL Rivers, SW Lisenby, JT Hurst, GL Moore, Peter Moore, John Adams

There has been a lot of speculation as to the parents of Mary Ann Gainey. I have seen her listed as the daughter of:

  • William L. Gainey (1794-1865). 
  • William H. Gainey (1801-1866) and his wife Mary H. LNU (1801-?)
  • James P. Gainey (1821-1850) and Roseanna Thurman (1826-1883)

So, who are the parents of Mary Ann Gainey?  Family traditions says that the Father of Mary Ann Gainey died in Alabama and that her Mother packed up all the children and moved back to Chesterfield. If you believe this story, then it makes sense to start your search for Mary Ann Gainey in Alabama.

That search on Ancestry resulted in locating the following family in Barbour County, Alabama.3

Gainey -1850

In the right hand column “Suggested Records” had the following listing:
Mary Gairing - 1860 United States Federal Census 4

Clicking on this link takes us to this family in Chesterfield, South Carolina.

Thurmond - 1860

The transcription on this family is inaccurate. The surname of the head of Household is – THURMAN, The GAIRING surname should read GAINEY. Corrections have been made.

This is the Father of Roseanna Thurman Gainey – William Aaron Thurman.

But, do we have the right Mary Ann Gainey.  The answer to this question can be found in the Probate Records for Chesterfield County. These records can be found on 5

SC Probate Records

South Carolina Probate Records, Bound Volumes, 1671-1977
This listing is the Index Listing

South Carolina Probate Records, Files and Loose Papers, 1732-1964
This listing is actual scans of the Probate Records

There are 4 probate cases that documents The William A. Thurman family and proves that Rosa Ann is their daughter; that she married Phillip J. Hurst and that Mary Ann Hurst was married to James P. Gainey.
Go to this page and take a look at Case #

297 - Rosan Gainey
60 - W. A. Thurman
590 - W. A. Thurman
353 - Miles P. Thurman

Rosa Ann Thurman Gainey died on 2 October 1883 in Chesterfield County, South Carolina and her son-in-law Phillip J. Hurst was named Executor of her Estate. (Estate Folder #297).  Remember that her husband died in Alabama and her daughter Mary Ann and husband  Phillip James Hurst did not migrate to Arkansas until 1890; seven years after the death her mother. 

Probate Record 353- Miles P. Thurman, brother of Rosa Ann Thurman Gainey.
R. A. Thurman named as a distributee of the estate.

The Census along with Chesterfield County Probate records proves that Mary Ann Gainey was the daughter of Rosa Ann Thurman and that Rosa Ann Thurman was the daughter of William Aaron Thurman and his wife Nancy Copeland. Mary Ann and James B. Gainey were found listed in the 1850 census fro Barbour County, Alabama and his wife and children were living with her parents in 1860 Chesterfield County, South Carolina.

No obituary, tombstone or death date has been found for James B/P Gainey but family tradition says he died in Alabama. James and Mary has a daughter that was born after her Father’s death, Susan Ann Gainey born on 10 May 1851. Based on a conception date of early September and his presence in the 1850 census enumerated on 20 September 1850 it’s likely that James died sometime after the 20th of September 1850.

If you have information on this family please contact me by posting on this blog or by e-mail on the home page..

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