Thanks for reading and commenting about my blog postings. My goal is to accurately document the genealogy of my family and allied families living in Chesterfield County, SC and Anson County, NC. If you have a Chesterfield County surname you are interested in please send me an e-mail.

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  1. Mr. Purvis you name and blog was given to me by Faye Watson.
    My Name is Sherry Winchester I am in North Alabama. I have ancestor's from Chesterfield Co. in 1840 James N. & Margaret Ellis Johnson.

    I am lookig at Archibald & Nancy Ellis as her parents. Archibald & Nancy are on the 1820 Chesterfield census, only Nancy on the 1830. So it looks like Archibald died between 1820 & 1830. Nancy is buried at Peniel Cemetery, as is other family. They have a granddaughter (Sarah Ann Ellis McFarland) who is buried there.

    I am also interested in a Archibald McFarland 1850 Census Chesterfield. One of Archibald McFarland's son was Rev. John Douglas McFarland who married Annie Balwin.
    Rev John & Annie had a son named Archibald.

    Sarah the granddaughter of the Ellis'S married the younger Archibald McFadden the grandson of elder Archibald.

    What is was wondering do you have any info on the elder Ellis & McFarland.

    I was hoping locate a will on the three Archibald & Nancy Ellis and Archbild McFarland.

    I am submit for a subscribe to you blog. So if it is possible you can contact me.

    Thanks so much