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Monday, September 23, 2013

Amanuensis Monday~William A. Purvis, 1877, Crop and Chattel Lien

Amanuensis Monday is a genealogy blogging theme. It was started by John Newmark who writes the TransylvanianDutch blog.

His definition of Amanuensis is:
Amanuensis: A person employed to write what another dictates or to copy what has been written by another.

Today’s posting is a Crop and Chattel Mortgage/Lien between  my 2nd Great Grandfather, William A. Purvis and Marshall & Richardson of Anson County, North Carolina. The mortgage/lien is dated 12 March 1877.

In the mortgage, William A. Purvis is borrowing $100 dollar with a limit of $200.00 to buy supplies for crop production in 1877.
William A. Pervis to Marshall & Richardson
12 March 1877
State of North Carolina}
County of Anson } Whereas Marshall & Richardson of Anson County, in the State of North Carolina have agreed to make advances to Wm. A. Pervis of the County of Anson and the State aforesaid for purposes of agriculture during the year A.D. 1877 to the value of one hundred dollars and such further sums as the said Marshall & Richardson may deem necessary to be made not to exceed in all the sum of two hundred dollar; and whereas the said Wm. A. Pervis desires to secure to the said Marshall & Richardson prompt payment for the advances made in accordance with the provisions of the Acts of General Assembly in such cases made and provided ratified on the 1st day of March 1867 and the Act to re-enact and amend the same ratified March 1st 1873, doth by these presents sell, transfer and agree to deliver to the said Marshall & Richardson on the 15th day of Oct. next so much cotton, corn and other products raised by him during the present year as shall be sufficient to pay for the supplies to be furnished as aforesaid, which conveyance and transfer shall create a lien in favor of the said Marshall & Richardson to the extent of the advances made or to be made, upon all the crop the said Wm. A. Pervis may raise during the present year, and for further security the said Wm. A. Pervis bargains and sells to the said Marshall & Richardson the following articles of personal property to wit: one sorrel mare, about 12 years old; one new one-horse wagon; six head of cattle; seven head of hogs; with the understanding that if the said Wm. A. Pervis shall will and truly pay the said Marshall & Richardson for the advances as aforesaid on or before the 15th day of Oct. next the said lien shall be discharged, and the said property shall revert to the said Wm. A. Pervis, otherwise the said Marshall & Richardson shall have power to take unto their possession all of said property and crop on the farm or elsewhere, if removed, and sell the same or so much thereof for cash, as may be necessary to pay for the advances aforesaid attorney's fees, registration and any other expenses incurred in executing this provision, first advertising said sale for ten days at three public places in the county. I the said Wm. A. Pervis do hereby certify that no other lien or mortgage has been given upon said crop or property. If this claim is not paid at maturity to bear interest at the rate of 8 per cent annum from date hereof to the payment. In witness whereof the said Wm. A. Pervis has hereunto set his hand and seal this 12th day of March AD. 1877.
Signed, Sealed and Delivered in}                  W. A. Pervis  seal
presence of W.C. Hardison}
State of North Carolina}
Anson County} I, John C. McLanhlin, Clerk of the Superior Court of said County do hereby certify that the due execution of the foregoing crop and chattel lien is this day proven before me by the oath and examination of W.C. Hardison the subscribing witness. Let it with this certificate be registered. Witness my hand and seal of office at office in Wadesboro this the 16th day of March A.D. 1877.

                                                                     John C. McLanchlin, CSC

State of North Carolina}
Anson County} March 19th day 1877. Then the foregoing crop and chattel lien from William A. Pervis came into my office and was duly registered.
                                                                           P. J. Coppedge
                                                                           Register of Deeds
[1] Anson County, North Carolina, Trust Deed Book 8: page 276-278, William A. Pervis to Marshall & Richardson; 12 March 1877, Register of Deeds, Wadesboro, Anson County, North Carolina. Also found on LDS FHL Microfilm #1689064.

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