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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Widow Places Claim Against Estate

My 3rd Great Granduncle, Samuel W. Brock, Sr. and his wife Martha had a large family of nine (9) children, seven (7) sons and two (2) daughters.

At the start of the Civil War, six of these boys were of age to be conscripted into the war; only James Paul, born in 1845, their youngest child, was under the age of induction.

Of the six boys eligible, I have records that five served and among those five (5) only one survived the War. Those 5 were:

  • Joel Washington Brock, b. 1829; d. 1 March 1865 1
  • Samuel W. Brock, Jr., b. 1830; d. 30 Nov 1864 2
  • Eli Brock, b. Feb 1836; d. 1905 3
  • Calvin Brock, b. 22 Feb 1832; d. 9 Feb. 1865 4
  • Thomas Brock, b. 1839; d. 17 Oct 1863 5

Among the five brothers listed above only Eli Brock survived the War and returned home. Four of the brothers were single but Samuel was presumed to be married to Ann and had a sons, Thomas C. Brock, b. October 1860 and  Samuel W. Brock, III, born In March 1863. 

I say presumed because marriage licenses for this time period are non-existent, the 1860 census was enumerated on June 26, 1860, at which time Samuel W. Brock was living with his parents. Yet, his first child, Thomas C. Brock, was born in October 1860.  

1860 Chesterfield Census
1860 Census, Chesterfield Co., SC

On May 11, 1864, Samuel W. Brock, Jr. was conscripted into the War. He died of disease on 30 Nov 1864 in Charleston, South Carolina.

Back home in Chesterfield County, SC his estate (#191) was being probated through the Courts. Within the probate file, this document was found.6


Chesterfield County
Estate of Saml Brock}                          March 16th 1872
Ann Brock                                                                  Dr:

To Board of Thomas Brock
And Samuel Brock for 88
Months @$3.00 per Month                                     $264.00

State of South Carolina}
Chesterfield County      }
                        Before the Subscribing Officer
Personally appears Ann Brock whom on oath Is Justly indebted to her in the amount of the above account, no part of which has been paid by discount or otherwise.
Sworn to before me}                                                     her   
this 16th March 1872}                                                 Ann X Brock
Edwin F. Mullory {L.S.}}                                               mark    
Notary Public               }

Received of Hugh Craig Judge of Probate seventy five dollars, being on account of the distributive share of Thomas C. Brock and Samuel W. Brock of the of the Estate of Joel W. Brock – March 19th 1873
            E. L. Whittington                                           her
                                                                                 Ann X Brock

The document is quite interesting, in that, Ann/Anna Brock is billing her late husband’s estate for the care of their children from his death in November 1864 till 1872 or eighty-eight months of care. That’s 7 years and 4 months.

S. W. Brock Death Date

Very little is known about Ann and her last name has eluded this researcher. In 1860, Samuel W. Brock, Jr. was unmarried living at home with his parents.7 Then, we have the document above from his Civil War Record. Next we find Anna, Thomas and Samuel in the 1880 Census.8

1880 CENSUS: Cheraw, Chesterfield, South Carolina, Source: FHL Film 1255225, National Archives Film T9-1225,  Enumeration District: 002; Page 287B, Line 29, Dwelling 533, Family 537; Anna BROCK, age 40, b. NC; Thomas BROCK, Son, age 18, b. SC; Samuel BROCK, Son, age 15, b. SC and Robert PRESLAR, Nephew, age 6, b. SC.

In 1900, we find no record of Ann/Anna ; but, Thomas and Samuel were found in the Census.9

1900 CENSUS: Cheraw, Chesterfield County, South Carolina; Roll: 1523;  Enumeration District: 0017; FHL microfilm: 1241523; Page: 7A/26(stamped); Line 8, Dwelling 110, Family 110; Samuel W. BROCK, age 37, Single, born March 1863 and his brother Thomas C. BROCK, age 39, Single, born Oct. 1860.

No death certificate, tombstone or obituary has been found for Ann/Anna, Thomas and Samuel. Only one clue exist to her identity, the presence of Robert Preslar, nephew, in the 1880 Census. So far this has been a “dead end”. No record of Robert Preslar after 1880 has been found.  

I’m completely confused as to why Ann/Anna presented a claim against her Husband’s estate for care of their children.

I would love to hear your comments and suggestions concerning this posting.

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