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Friday, September 20, 2013

Follow Friday: Prisoners of The Revolution

I found this awesome website that may be helpful in your American Revolution research.

The website contains a listing of 8000 prisoners of the British during the American Revolution.

The listing is alphabetical, by surname.

Comments from the Website:

“The British used the ships at Wallabout Bay, later the site of the Brooklyn Navy Yard, for naval prisoners on this side of the Atlantic. The prisoners included men captured on American privateers, merchant ships, French, Spanish, and Dutch vessels. After April 1780, the Jersey was the receiving ship where names were entered into records. [emphasis added]

Partial list of Prison and hospital ships in Wallabout Bay: name, capacity, first year of use
Whitby (250) 1776
Kitty and unknown ship (500) 1777 -- burned 1777 and 1778
Unknown ships (500) 1778
Unknown ships (500) 1779
Good Hope (500) 1780 -- burned 1780
Jersey (400) 1780 -- had been used as prison on East River 1779
Falmouth (200) 1780 -- hospital prison ship
Hope (200) 1780 -- hospital prison ship used to transport
List Of 8000 Men Who Were Prisoners On Board The Old Jersey”

Click here to view website:

[1] American Merchant Marine at War,, <>; List compiled by 'The Society Of Old Brooklynites' in 1888.*


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