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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Sunday’s Obituary~Leonard E. Hurst

Hurst Headlines
Leonard E. Hurst, of Chesterfield, was killed instantly last Thursday on the road between Chesterfield and Cheraw when the highway truck which he was driving collided with a sedan driven by Elliott Montgomery, of Cheraw. Hurst, who was an employee of the State Highway Department, was going toward Cheraw, when he attempted to pass the sedan which was also headed for Cheraw. He apparently lost control of the truck and cut directly in front of the sedan which was going, it is reported, at about 35 miles an hour. Occupants of the sedan were badly bruised and the five month's old son of Mr. and Mrs. I. G. Donnelly, of Cheraw received severe cuts about the head but is reported not seriously injured. In the sedan were Miss Ruth Watson, Mrs. I.G. Donnelly, the driver, Elliott Montgomery, James Montgomery, Mrs. J.P. Thompson, all of Cheraw. Mr. Hurst was about thirty-five years of age, He is survived by his widow who, before marriage was Miss Belle Pate, of Chesterfield; by his father, P. T. Hurst; two brothers, Preston and Finley, and one sister, Mrs. Horace Douglass. Funeral services and burial were held at Shiloh Friday afternoon, when the Revs. J. J. Stevenson and F. M. Cannon. Among the out of town relatives and friends to attend the funeral were Mrs. J. T. Dixon and Mrs. Carrie King, of Florence, Mrs. Delmar Jernigan, of Florence, Mr. Monroe Livingston and family and Mrs. Alice Malcolm, Laurel Hill, NC.

This obituary also appeared in “The State”, 23 August 1929, page 2 column 3. Mrs. Donnelly in that edition is referred to as Mrs. T. C. Donnelly.

Leonard E. Hurst was born  Feb 1896 to Phillip Thomas and Ella Hurst.

[1] Leonard E. Hurst obituary, The Chesterfield Advertiser, Chesterfield, Chesterfield County, South Carolina, 29 August 1929, page 1, col. 1.

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  1. A terrible accident! Fortunately, no one else was killed as well.