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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Cheraw Boy Dies in Jacksonville Auto Accident

George W. Carnes and his wife, Lessie J. Carnes, are dead as the result of an automobile accident on Atlantic boulevard early this morning.
Miss Uvita Barren of Atlanta and M. P. Booth, city fireman, are in St. Luke's hospital. The condition of Booth is considered critical.
T. C. Grubb, 2408 Silver street, who was following the car in which the Carnes, Booth, Miss Barren and three-year old son of the Carnes were  riding, witnessed the accident.
He said two cars, both without lights were parked in the roadway. One car was getting ready to push the other, it appeared, he said. Apparently Booth, who was driving, saw the machine in the road but not in time to swing clear of it. His right Wheel caught the left back wheel of the other car.
Both Mr. and Mrs. Carnes had their necks broken. The child who was riding in the front seat in Miss Barren’s lap was unhurt.
The party, including, Grubb and his passengers had been for a chicken dinner at the beach. Mrs. Booth remained at the beach and her husband was driving the party to Jacksonville when the accident occurred.
James Owen, negro driver of one of the cars was arrested and placed in the South Jacksonville jail. He was charged with manslaughter.
Both of the cars parked in the middle of the road were filled with negro passengers, Grubb said. All of the cars were badly damaged.
Mr. and Mrs. Carnes whose address was given as 21 LeMain Court, died shortly after the accident. Carnes died before he could be taken to a hospital.
Mrs. Barren received a broken nose and cuts and bruises.
The accident occurred on Atlantic boulevard near Hunt’s filing station about 2:00 A.M.
Booth and Mrs. Barren were taken to St. Luke’s hospital and the Carnes to St. Vincents, Moulton and Kyle are in charge of the bodies but funeral arrangements have not been completed.
Carnes was a barber, operating a shop at Sixteenth and Main Streets. It is understood that Miss Barren was a visitor in the Carnes home and a beach party was given in her honor.
O. K. Robinson, R. E. Broward and S. R. Gahoon, of the sheriff’s office investigated the accident. Tom Watts and R. E. Royal, of the road patrol were also among those investigating.
Mrs. Carnes’ survivors include her mother, Mrs. Bastine Barren, two sisters and one brother and her three year old son, George Carnes, Jr.
Surviving Mr. Carnes are his parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Carnes, Sr. of Cheraw, four sisters, Mrs. Elizer Bruner of Cheraw, Mrs. Chas. Kavnaugh of Sumter, Mrs. A. J. Volovar of Washington, D.C. and Mrs. R. B. Lawless of Atlanta and one brother, Croom Carnes of Cheraw.
Funeral services for Mr. and Mrs. Carnes were conducted Sunday afternoon and the bodies interred in Peachtree Baptist Church cemetery, Atlanta, Ga., under a mount of beautiful flowers.

George Washington Carnes, Jr. was the son of George Washington Carnes, Sr. and his wife Sarah Frances Rivers, daughter of William Alfred Rivers and Eliza Ann Turnage.

[1] Cheraw Boy Meets Death in Wreck obituary, The Jacksonville Journal, Jacksonville, Duval, Florida, 4 September 1931. George W. & Lessie J. Carnes.

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