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Friday, March 24, 2017

Chesterfield County SC Estates~Estate Folder #353–Miles P. Thurman

Today’s subject is the Estate of Miles P. Thurman.

Miles P. Thurman
Estate Folder #353

Miles P. Thurman’s Estate Folder (#353) consists of 31 pages beginning at Image 551 of 1383  and ending with image 582 of 1383. It was an extensive Estate administrated by Andrew J. Eddins.  

Image 564 of 1383 shows that Andrew J. Eddins made application to the Courts for Letters of Administration on the estate of Miles P. Thurman on 24 April 1877.
Miles Thurman Estate-Req,. for Letters

Assigned to appraise the estate of Miles P. Thurman were A. W. Davis, T. F. Mulloy, George R. Boatwright and John H. Perkins. (Image 570)

Receiving a legacy from the estate in January 1878 were:

  • Rose Ann Gainey
  • Thetis Thurman
  • Dorotha Eddins
  • Elively A. Thurman
  • J. H. Thurman
  • W. H. Thurman
  • A. J. Eddins

The estate was settled and Letters Dismissory issued by Rolin Kite, Judge of Probate  on 13 February 1882.

Sadly, Miles P. Thurman took his own life and left a note to that effect. I have a copy of the note but will not post it. It has been published before and anyone interested can find the publication in which the note appeared. 

Miles P. Thurman served honorably in the Civil War. Those of us here today have no knowledge of what he experienced in his short 46 years here among his friend and families. But, I believe he was most likely suffering from what we know today to be – PTSD -  Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
He was a friend to many as evidence by the number of men and women who owed money to his estate.

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