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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Treasure Chest Thursday~A Marriage Kept Secret

Marriage Kept Secret
Married Nov. 11th Announced Dec. 18.

Once more a woman has demonstrated that she can keep a secret. On the 11th of November rumor had it that a secret wedding had been performed but the names of the contracting parties could not be learned. Instead of dying, as rumors have a way of doing, this one persisted with wonderful vitality, so it happened that for more than a month all of Chesterfield has been asking, “Were they married? Who was married? And where, when and how?”
In spite of this all-consuming interest nothing could be learned of the identity of the couple, save that they were popular and belonged to the best of families.
And so it happened that the secret was kept until the Sphynx like silence was broken by Sheriff D. P. Douglass, who announced on Wednesday (Dec. 15th) that the contracting parties were Miss Zuline Ellis, of Hartsville, and Mr. Carey H. Davis, a Chesterfield boy.
Miss Ellis has been a frequent visitor to Chesterfield and is a general favorite among the young people here. She is the daughter of Mr. J. T. Ellis, of Hartsville.
Mr. Cary H. Davis is a young farmer living near town and is well known and highly respected in the community.
It was during one of those happy days at Chesterfield’s big fair that the couple decided to fare through life together. Then strange to say the Sheriff was called to one side and his car carried the happy couple not to jail but to the office of Judge M. J. Hough who bound them for life in the service of one another. [Article original printed in the Chesterfield Advertiser, 16 December 1915, Front Page, Column 1.]

Carey H. Davis, b. 11 June 1888, was a son of  Lewis Boatwright Davis and Barzilla Freeman.

Carey H. Davis, is my 2nd Cousin twice removed.

[1]  Article original printed in the Chesterfield Advertiser, 16 December 1915, Front Page, Column 1.

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