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Monday, March 13, 2017

Mystery Monday~How is Elizabeth Boan an Heir at Law to Charles Lisenby?

Charles Lisonby, born 5 Jan 1760, first appeared in Anson County, North Carolina in May 1778 when he purchased from Lewis Lowery 322 acres of Land. (Deed Book “7”, page 76-77). 

He applied for and received 2 Land Grants in  September 1785.  Each of these grants were for 150 Acres of Land in Anson County.

NC Land Grants

On 11 April 1785, Charles Lisenby and his wife Elizabeth L. Lizenby sold land on Jones Creek to Benjamin Buckannon, DB “B2”, page 17-18. This is the only Land Deed I  have found where Charles sold any land he owned. 

In January 1799, Benjamin Duckworth is selling one of these patents of 150 acres to Alex. McRea.
“…the whole one hundred and fifty acres as appears by patent granted to Charles Lisenby bearing date ________ with all woods underwood’s timber trees and water courses thereunto…”
[ Anson County Deed Book (DB “F”, page 152-153).] 

At some point between September 1885 and January 1799, Charles Lisenby sold this parcel of land to Benjamin or some other resident where it was then purchased by Benjamin Buckannon. 

Then sometime before May 1837, Charles Lisenby passed away resulting in the 3 foregoing news articles.

Elizabeth Boan-Wm Parish

Chesterfield District
Elizabeth Boan, vs. William Parrish and Celeeta his wife.
It appearing to my satisfaction, that William Parish and Celeeta his wife reside without this state; it is therefore ordered that they all appear and object to the division on sale of the real Estate of Charles Lisenbee deceased on or before the third Monday in July next, or there <sic> consent to the same will be entered of record.
                                                                                         TURNER BRYAN, O.C.D.
May 22,1937   29-8
[The Cheraw Gazette. May 31, 1837, Page 223, Image 3, Column 6.]

Charles Lisenby, Sheriff's Sale Col 2
Sheriff's Sales.
BY order of the Court of Ordinary of Chesterfield District, will be sold before the Court House, within the legal hours, on the first
Monday in September next, all the real estate of Charles Lisenby, dec'd. situate in the said District, on Jemmey's Creek, bounded by Jemmey's and Little creeks, and the lands of Wm. Privett, Wm. Ganey, and Archibald McQuage, containing seventy acres more or less.
Terms.-- A credit of one year, except so much as will pay the expenses of the sale, which will be required on the day of sale. Purchasers will give to the Ordinary, Bond and good security with interest from the day of Sale and a mortgage on the premises if necessary to secure the purchase money.
Purchasers will pay for Sheriffs Titles.
                                                         A. M. LOWRY, Sh'ff. C. D.
Shffs. Office, }
1st Aug. 1837. }                                               39-3t.
[The Cheraw Gazette. August 09, 1837, Page 155, Image 3, column 2.]

Charles Lisenby-Elizabeth Boan
Chesterfield District. } of Ordinary
To Neill McNeill Administrator of Charles Lisenby deceased, Wm. D. McRae, Archibald McQuaig and Thomas Parker securities of the said McNeill, on his Administration Bond.
Whereas application hath been made to me Elizabeth Boan Heir at law of Charles Lisenby deceased to require you and the said Neill McNeill Administrator as aforesaid (who was absent, from and without the limits of this State) to appear before me in the Court of Ordinary, on a certain day and then and there  to account for the monies, goods, chattels, &c. of the said Charles Lisenby deceased: These are therefore to charge, command, and cite you the said Neill McNeill administrator of all and singular the goods and chattels, rights and credits which were of Charles Lisenby, Wm. D. McRae, Archibald McQuaig and Thomas Parker deceased, to appear before me Turner Bryan Ordinary, in and for the District and sate aforesaid, in the Court of Ordinary, to be holden at Chesterfield Court House in the District and state aforesaid, on Tuesday the eleventh day of August next, and then and there to render in the said Court an account of all monies, goods, chattels, and personal estate of the said Charles Lisenby deceased; and then and there to come to and make a final settlement and adjustment of your accounts with the said Estate, as Administrator aforesaid. Herein fail not.
In testimony whereof, I have hereunto affixed my hand and seal, Chesterfield Court House, the Eighteenth day of May, Anno Domini one thousand eight hundred and forth and in the Sixty fourth year of the Independence of the United States of America.   
                                                                Turner Bryan , L. S.
May 22, 1840     28  12t
Farmers' gazette, and Cheraw advertiser., June 17, 1840, Image 4, column 6

The impact of these three news articles is evident but they leave many unanswered questions. Such as:
Who was Elizabeth Boan? What is her relationship (Heir at law) to Charles Lisenby? Is she the daughter of Lewis Boan and Mary Killingsworth?
Who is William Parrish and Celeeta, his wife? Is Celeeta’s surname “Lisenby” or “Boan” or something unrelated?
Where did William Parrish and Celeeta migrate to when they left Chesterfield before May 1837?

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