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The Death of Col. James Robert Ervin

 Col. James Robert Ervin was born 7 November 1788  a son of Col. John Irvin and Jane Witherspoon. He served in the war of 1812. He married Elizabeth Powe, daughter of Erasmus Powe and Esther Ellerbe. Many articles say that they had 8 children but that statement is misleading. Elizabeth Powe had 7 children and James Robert’s second wife had a daughter who survived while her Mother perished.

James Robert Ervin first married Elizabeth Powe on 3 February 1813. They had 7 children; four sons and three daughters. Elizabeth (Powe) Ervin died 8 June 1832. James Robert remarried and had a daughter, Ann Davis Ervin, who survived but the mother died. Ann Davis Ervin was born in December 1834. 

No one seem to know who James Roberts Ervin 2nd wife was or when she died. The following candidates are in the mixed.

Ann Giles Davis

Ann Dozier Davis

Ann G. Vereen

I have documents that say all of these women were his 2nd wife. The Davis researchers claim the Davis girls. The Vereen researchers claim that Ann G. Vereen daughter of William Vereen is James Robert's wife; the Davis say Ann  Giles and Ann Dozier are James Robert's second wife.

    1. Marriage Contract- Ann G. Vereen to James R. Ervin

    Deed - Ann G. Vereen and James R. Ervin; 2 January 1834; Deed Book #"O"; Page(s) 467-471; Register of Deeds; Marion, Marion, South Carolina; January 2023.


If you know the name of James Robert Ervin 2nd Wife and Mother of Ann Davis Ervin, please contact me through this blog post.

Ann Davis Ervin married Dr. Henry Kirk White Flinn of Darlington County, SC. 

James Robert Ervin was 47 years of age when he died on 26 June 1836.

Death of Col. James R. Ervin.—We regret to see in the Cheraw Gazette, of the 28th ult., the following announcement of the death of Col. J. R. ERVIN, State Senator from Chesterfield District: “The melancholy intelligence was received in town yesterday morning of the death of our estimable fellow citizen Col. James R. Ervin. His health had been bad for some time, but was so far restored that he was able to set out on a journey to the upper part of North Carolina. He died in Montgomery County on Sunday, from hemorrhage, caused by a wound inflicted by the fragment of an earthen vessel upon which he sat, and which was broken by his weight. 


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