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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

3 Sons Killed, A Mother’s Anguish

Joseph Purvis (1790/1800–1842),[1] son of James F. Purvis married Elizabeth Cook[2] about 1822. In the Rankin County 1830[3] Census they had 4 children, 2 females 10-14; 1 female less than 5 and a son less than 5.

Sometime before April 1842, Joseph died. At the time of Joseph's Death we know that is family was large leaving 11 children, 4 boys and 7 daughters[4]. After Joseph's death his wife Elizabeth Cook Purvis married Richard Oldham. This marriage is said to have taken place on 22 Jan 1844 in Smith County, Mississippi. I have not found a record of the marriage but they are listed in the 1850 Census as a family.

1850 CENSUS: Simpson County, Mississippi;[5]
Richard OLDHAM, male, age 61, born in SC;
Elizabeth OLDHAM, female, age 50, born in SC;
Elizabeth OLDHAM, female, age 20, born in MS;
James Pervis OLDHAM, male, age 13, born in MS;
Joseph PERVIS, male, age 11, born in MS
Alexander PERVIS, male, age 9, born in MS.

James Pervis Oldham is really James Purvis, son of Joseph & Elizabeth. 

Sometime around 1854, Richard Oldham died leaving Elizabeth and the three boys, the oldest around 17 and the youngest about 13.

About this time Joseph Purvis, the middle son, marries Martha Miranda Viney. They are living in Rapides Parish, Louisiana.

In 1858, James Purvis the oldest son married Marina Catherine Bush[6]. They are living in Simpson County, Mississippi.

By 1860[7], Elizabeth and her youngest son, Alexander has moved to Rapides Parish, Louisiana.  
In 1861, the Civil war began. Joseph and Alex Purvis enlist into Company B, 9th Louisiana Infantry on 27 February 1862 at Alexandria, Louisiana[8].

James Purvis enlisted into Company B, 39th Mississippi Regiment[9] on April 1, 1862.

All three boys are off to war, leaving their Mother and wives back home. Remember there is an older son/brother but he has not been identified through research. He is listed as less than 5 years of age in the 1830 Rankin County, MS Census. It's possible that he died young.  
The first son to be killed in the war was Alexander. Alexander died on 28 August 1862[10] at Manassas, Virginia. Based on his death date he was killed at the Battle of Second Manassas.

Then 20 days later on 17 September 1862, Joseph Purvis was killed at Sharpsburg, Maryland[11].  This was known as The Battle of Antietam also known as The Bloodiest One Day Battle in American History. 

In 20 days, Elizabeth Cook Purvis Oldham has lost two sons to the Civil war; but, her anguish is not over, her son James Purvis is still on the Battlefield. 

The Civil War record for James Purvis, simply says he was killed on 8 Aug 1864[12] with no other explanation. The 39th Mississippi Regiment Infantry participated in the Battle for Mobile Bay and it took place during this time period. 

12 April 1865 – The war is over. Back home the women, widows of the war, are left to pick up the pieces.  James Purvis wife Marina Catherine Bush Purvis married Elisha Summerfield Bateman [13]9 December 1866.
Joseph Purvis wife Martha Miranda Viney married Martin L. Boone bout 1866.

No information has been found on Elizabeth Cook Purvis Oldham after the 1860 Census for Rapides Parish, Louisiana. 

I have never lost a child, but I know Elizabeth went to her grave with a heavy heart over the loss of her two husband and children who were just a short part of her life.

If you have any information, suggestions or corrections to this posting please contact me at the email.

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