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Friday, August 16, 2013

Friend of Friends Friday~Slaves of Gilbert & Efficia Howell Purvis

Sometime around 1818 a large contingent of families left Chesterfield County, South Carolina and migrated to Georgia, on to Clarke County, Alabama and eventually settling in Hinds County area of Mississippi.

Beginning as early as 1824, their names can be found throughout the available records for this area. about 1829 or early 1830 Gilbert Purvis died, leaving his widow – Effica and several children. Also traveling with Gilbert on this migration were two brothers, James F. and Joseph Purvis.

Before Gilbert and James left South Carolina they owned over  3215 Acres of land.1 While probate record has not been found for Gilbert’s estate; it’s safe to say that Effica and the children were left a substantial estate. Among the holding were at 8 or more slaves.

From the death of Gilbert forward tragedy struck this family time after time. A short 5 years later Effica Howell Purvis dies in August 1834. Her estate [Estate Folder #241]2 can be found in the Courthouse at Raymond, Mississippi; on film at the Mississippi State Archives or at the Family History Library in Salt lake City. 

Among the documents within the estate folder are two documents related to the “Slaves” owned by the Family.

The first Document places a “Value” on each slave
Nancy and her two children – valued @ $1150.00
Milly and her two Children – valued @$1150.00
Frances and her Child – valued at $1000.00
Delilah – valued @$800.00
John – valued @ $950
Sandy – valued @100
Margaret and her Child – valued @ $750.00

Slaves-Effica Howell Purvis

The next document dwelt with the distribution of the “Slaves”

  • Nancy and her children Delilah, Sandy, Margaret her child to William and John Purvis.
  • Milly and her children John, Frances and her Child to J.P.J. Purvis and William Purvis. 

Slaves 2 - Efficia Howell Purvis

At Gilbert and Effica death they left two known Children – Gilbert Johnson Purvis and Sally Purvis; yet neither of these two children are mentioned in the division of the estate at the death of Effica Howell Purvis.
It’s known that shortly after the death of his Mother in August 1834, the only known living son, Gilbert Johnson Purvis died in November 1835. Then a few short months later, in February 1836, James P. J. Purvis, grandson of Gilbert & Effica Purvis died.  

Let’s talk about these two groups of men – William & John and the other group – JPJ and William
Gilbert only had 2 known living children when he died. A son, Gilbert Johnson and a daughter, Sally. We do know he lost a son, John, who died in 1824 in Clarke County, Alabama and we know he had a deceased son James who was the known Father of James P. J. Purvis and is believed to be the father of William H. H. Purvis.

The first two men mentioned above are William and John Purvis. After 35+ years of research I  believe these two men are brothers and are sons of James F. Purvis, brother of Gilbert Purvis. William Purvis married Millie Cook and John Purvis married Mary Parks.

The second group of men are James PJ Purvis and William Purvis. Again, I  believe these two men are brothers and are sons of a deceased James  Purvis, who was a son of Gilbert Purvis. James P. J. Purvis married Elizabeth Rose Campbell  and William H. H. Purvis married Jemima Magee.  

[1] Land Plat for 3215 Acres - Gilbert Purvis & James Purvis, 15 August 1793; S213190, Volume: 0032, Page: 00255; Dept. of Archives and History, Columbia, South Carolina.
[2] Hinds County, MS, Probate Court Estates, Old Series, Raymond, MS, MDAH Microfilm #10392, Family History Library Film #1064400, Estate #321, Effica Purvis, Dec 1834.

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