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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Treasure Chest Thursday~Land Deed, July 1879 to Wm. A. Purvis

July 1879 purchase of 25 acres of land from The Gardner's Sisters by my 2nd Great Grandfather William A. Purvis.

Mary, Sarah & Martha Gardner to Wm. A. Purvis
Know all men by these present that we Mary Gardner, Sarah Gardner and Martha Gardner all of Chesterfield County and State of South Carolina are held and firmly bound unto Wm. A. Purvis of Anson County State of North Carolina in the sum five hundred dollars lawful money of the United States to be paid to the said Wm. A. Purvis his executors, administrators, or assigns, for which payment will and truly to be made we bind ourselves our heirs executors administrators and each of them firmly by these presents sealed with our seals and dated the 23rd day of July 1879. Now the conditions of this obligation is such that whereas the said obligors contracted and agreed to sell and convey to the said Wm. A. Purvis and his heirs all that piece of their land in Anson County, NC East of Reedy Branch from the state line up to a direct line from mouth of Apple Mill Branch to corner of said Purvis fence in his line near the old Spring formerly Archibald McGugan's adjoining said Purvis land and their own land supposed to contain twenty-five acres, at three dollars per acre being the price of purchase money agreed on by said parties. Fifty dollars to be paid on or before the first day of January next, the balance to be paid on or before the first day December 1880 Now therefore if the said obligors on receiving said purchase money in full on or before the terms of payment as herein specified shall make execute and deliver to Wm. A. Purvis and his heirs a good conveyance in fee simple with the usual covenants of all that piece of said above described land. Then this obligation to be null and void otherwise to remain in full force and effect.
                                                              Mary Gardner Seal
                                                              Sarah X Gardner Seal
                                                              Martha X Gardner Seal

Signed, Sealed and Delivered,
in presence of
R.J. Northcutt
John C McGugan

State of North Carolina}
Anson County }S.S. The due execution of the foregoing Bond of Title was proven before me this day by the oath and examination of R. J. Northcutt a subscribing, witness. Let the same with this certificate be registered. This the 2nd day of August A.D. 1879.
                                                                 J.C. McLanchlin, CSC

August, 2nd day, 1879. Then the foregoing Bond of Title and certificate comes
into my hands and was duly registered.
                                                                           P. J. Coppedge
                                                                           Register of Deeds

[1] Text of deed between Mary, Sarah & Martha Gardner to Wm. A. Purvis recorded in Land Deed Book 20, pages 584 & 585, Anson County, NC. FHL GS Film # 296736.


  1. 'Know all men by these present' I love the language on these old documents.

  2. Colleen,

    I looked here for it meaning, which is:

    The phrase is probably "Know(,) all men present(,)" = everyone here, take note of the following facts.