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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Treasure Chest Thursday~William Eddins, Deceased

Pre Civil war records are very scarce for Chesterfield County, South Carolina. Gen. Sherman and his union forces set out to make an example of our little town of Chesterfield, the county seat of Chesterfield County. Not only did they take everything that was edible but they also burned the Courthouse and every public document that they could find.

Yesterday, I received a small booklet that I ordered from Amazon entitled “Cheraw District, South Carolina, Court of Equity, Volume 2: Minutes, 1823-1832” by Lee G. Barrow.

The booklet consist of 152 pages of which 11 & 1/2 pages are indexes.  Two transcripts of records in this book automatically caught my attention.

These two records were found on pages 17 and 29 and are shown below:
Page 208                                                                                                       May 1824
May Term 1824

William Sellars}
Vs }
James Notts adm. } Bill for account partition & discovery
Wm. Edings do}
Mary Edings do } On motion compl. Sol, it is ordered that a writ of partition do issue in the above case directed to Turner [?] Bryan, Peter May, Hardy Sellars, W. McBryde [?] & Lewis Ganey requiring then to divide the estate of the late Wm. Eddings, among his heirs at law – and to allot one third part of the estate both real and personal to Mary Edings the _widow of Wm. Edings Decd. And that the do make a return thereof to the next court.
Page 225                                                                                                February 1825
February Term 1825

William Sellers & wife & others}
Vs }
Mary Eddings, Jos. Knotts}
Admr. of W.} On motion of Evans for the Complainants Ordered that the return of the Commissioner to the writ of partition be confirmed & it is further Ordered and decreed that the property allotted the complainant William Sellers & wife be conveyed by said Sellers to some person to be nominated by the Commissioner in terms for the husband & wife during their joint lives then to the survivors for life then to the Children of marriage share & share Alike.

These two transcriptions may not seem very important but to this genealogist researching in a county where records are so scarce they are priceless.

This William Eddings was born about 1757 in North Carolina. He married first Nancy LNU who passed away about 1816; he then married Mary LNU. William died in 1822 and his death is recorded in a Chesterfield County Bond Book. Gilly Eddings is the wife of William Sellers and daughter of William & Nancy Eddings.

William Sellers and Gilly Eddings are my 3rd Great Grandparents.
[1] [Cheraw District, South Carolina, Court of Equity, Volume 2: Minutes, 1823-1832, Lee G. Barrow, Bargraphica, Gainesville, GA, 2013, Page 17]
[2] [Cheraw District, South Carolina, Court of Equity, Volume 2: Minutes, 1823-1832, Lee G. Barrow, Bargraphica, Gainesville, GA, 2013, Page 29]
Note: Eddins is spelled – Eddings, Eddins, Edings, Eddens, etc.

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