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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

1854 Bid for Mail Contract~William H. H. Purvis

Sometime documents about our ancestors come from some very unusual places. The document below fit that category completely and it was a total accident that the document was found. 

William H. H. Purvis, age 41, a local farmer in Polk County, Texas made a bid on a mail contract  that shows up in a report from the 33rd Congress. His bid of $800.00 was received 15 April 1854 and shows up under a label (after time bid) which probably means it was received after the cutoff date.

Mail Contract - William H. H. Pervis

Sadly, the following year in June 1855, William H. H. Purvis passed away
The State of Texas   Polk County in the County Court July Term 1855, To his honor Wm. F. Gee chief justice Your petitioner Joseph McGee of Newton County of Texas shows that W. H. H. Purvis of said Polk County departed this life intestate on or about the    day of June last past, and that the nearest relative of said descendant have as yet failed and refused to administer on said estate that said Purvis had in pofefion [possession]  at the time of his death real and personal property to a large amount and is believed  to own it, that your petitioner is the owner and holder of large and bono fide claims against said estate and that he is unable to collect the same or have them litigated without and administrator  of said estate, wherefore, he prays your honor to cause the usual notice be given and at the July term 1855 of your honorable court appoint your petitioner  administrator of said estate as in duty bound&c.                  Joseph McGee
Filed July 18, 1855,
W. H. Dukes, Clk.,
Record April 5th, A D 1856 on page 209;
L. G. McNickin, Depty Clk c c P4

[1] US Document 445/789; Executive Documents Printed by Order of The House of Representative during the Second Session of the Thirty-third Congress, 1854-1855 in 14 Volume, Volume 9, page 498, Wm. H. H. Pervis, Washington, A. O. P. Nicholson, Printer. 1855.
[2]  Estate #139, Page 209, FHL Film #1006872; Estate records found on pages 208-238, 344-346, 358-359 and page 388; FHL Film #1006872.

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