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Marriage Contract: John Dease and Bridgett Burke

John Deese was borne between 1761 and 1770, a son of Mark Deese and his wife Nancy. As a young man he migrated from North Carolina into the Mississippi Territory settling down in the county of Washington arriving there in 1800. His occupation was that of a surveyor.    

In 1803, John Dease surveyed a patent for six hundred and forty acres,  property of Bridget (Gillard) Burke, widow of William Burke. William Burke died sometime around September 1803 and his widow Bridget was granted letters of administration bearing the date 16th day of September 1803.  

Now, two years later, we have John Dease and Bridget Burke entering into an marriage agreement/contract. 


Mississippi Territory}
Washington County} This Indenture made this the twelfth of July One Thousand Eight hundred and five between John Deafe of the said Territory & County Bridget Burk Widow of the other part.
Whereas a marriage is intended to be shortly had and Solemnized between the said John Deafe and Bridget Burk widow and whereas as the said Bridgett Burk widow is entitled to one third part of a certain tract of Land containing Six hundred and forty acres lying & being in the Territory and County afforesaid on Bilbo Creek as her dower and also being posfed [possessed] of a considerable Personal estate consisting of negroes Stock as well as horses in action.
Now this Indenture witnefsed that in consideration of the said intended marriage and to the interest that the said land possessed as aforesaid may be secured and applied to and for the own proper use and benefit of the said Bridget Burk widow as afforesaid for her own natural life then to go to the heirs of her Body begotten by the said John Dease forever, and whereas  also if the said Bridget Burk should die without heirs of her body begotten by the said John Dease then the said personal and real property mentioned as aforesaid shall go to the said John Dease his heirs and assigns forever.
In Witness whereof the the <sic> said John Dease & Bridget Burk widow have hereunto set our hands and affixed our Seals the day and year above written.
Test.                                                           Signed John Dease {seal}
John Johnston Senr.                                 Bridget + her mark Burk {seal}
Jacob Neely
Margaret + her mark Sullivant
This day John Johnston Esqr. Sworn by the living  God that he saw Jacob Neely Margaret Sullivant sign the above contract. Given under my hand and seal this the 10th Day of September 1805.
                                                                   John Callier {seal}
Recorder Sept 16th 1805
          R. Harwell, Clk.

John Deese is my 3rd Great Grand Uncle.

[1] Land Deed - Marriage Contract John Dease and Bridgett Burke; 12 July 1805; Deed Book #A; Page(s) 114 & 115; Register of Deeds; Winona, Montgomery County, Mississippi; 10 March 2020.

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