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Sunday, December 18, 2016

Chesterfield County SC Estates~Estate Folder #534–Hulda Davis.

This is a new series of posting, appearing every Sunday, on selected Estate Folders from the Estate files of Chesterfield County. No known estates exist for the period before the Civil War. They were destroyed with the burning of the Courthouse. There are a few “Equity Records” in the State Archives. Do not overlook this valuable resources if you are looking for ancestors in Chesterfield County, South Carolina.
Today we will be looking at the following Estate folders:

Folder #534
Hulda Davis
Hulda Davis Probate

This estate folder begins at image #1103 and ends with image #1109. (images 1103-1109)

On 29 May 1888, William Alfred Davis passed away leaving several “infant” children. One of those children was his daughter, Hulda Davis. 

This folder contain documents that were created by a “Petition for a Guardianship for Hulda Davis”. 

Hulda Davis Guardianship
State of South Carolina}
County of Chesterfield} In Probate Court
Ex Parte Hulda Davis
The petition of Hulda Davis shows to this Court:
1. That she is an heir at law of the late Wm. A. Davis and is an infant over the age of Fourteen years.
2. That the estate of said William A. Davis is in due cause of settlement and petitioner has no guardian to receive and attend to her interest therein of about one hundred dollars.
3. That petitioner is desirous of having a guardian appointed and Jacob Davis is a suitable person to be appointed such therefore petitioner prays that Jacob Davis may be appointed his <sic> [her] guardian for the said State and County and your petitioner ever prays & c.
Hulda Davis Signature

Nancy J. Hurst, wife of William A. Davis had died earlier in 1888 on February 8 leaving him with 5 children under the age of twenty-one. They ranged in age from 12 to 23 and there were 2 children, age 21 and 23. The death of William thus left those 5 children to be cared for by relatives and their two oldest siblings whom were of age.

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